4 influencers who help you before and after pregnancy

Mother's Day

(CNN Spanish) – Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer. In many Latin American countries, in the United States and in Spain, this celebration is commemorated in the month of May.

Of course, the most common on these dates is to give a gift or go out to celebrate at a restaurant. However, current circumstances call for a change in activities.

The covid-19 pandemic has put various sectors of society on alert, including pregnant women, since they are one of the groups most at risk of developing a serious disease.

Therefore, health care is now something of the first importance, especially for future mothers and also for new mothers.

If you are thinking of going out to party somewhere, you may want to consider your health. And then we leave you some Instagram accounts that may be useful: they give advice for pregnancy; healthy nutrition; motor and neurological development; and you can even choose to receive an online consultation.

Counseling on neurodevelopment for Mother’s Day

You can find them on Instagram as @centrocrecemx. It is a place whose main objective is to accompany women during their pregnancy.

In this account, you will find tips on language stimulation, motor skills, neurodevelopment, among others. In addition, on their website you will find online courses and individual consultancies.

Judith Amon is the founder of Crece and is a specialist in neurodevelopment. In his Instagram account @judithamon you can also see tips that will be useful for the early stimulation of babies.

Remove the taboo label from breastfeeding

The @maternidadcontinuum account is managed by Pilar Martínez Álvarez, who is an international lactation and pharmaceutical consultant.

Here you will find tips that range from the benefits of breastfeeding, to the role it now plays with the covid-19 pandemic and the myths that surround it.

Children’s sleep is important

Now we go to the account @ lic.paulaehrlich. As the name implies, it is managed by Paula Ehrlich, who is a specialist and consultant in infant sleep and lactation.

Sleep is of vital importance both before and after pregnancy, so if you need advice on it, Ehrlich, which is located in Uruguay, offers online consultations anywhere in the world.

Eat healthily

The account @maternanutricion helps you in one of the most important aspects: that of healthy eating during pregnancy.

Here you can find issues such as prohibited foods; the ideal dinner; myths about the nutrition of your baby in pregnancy, among several other things.

If you have more questions about it, on his Instagram you will find his WhatsApp profile to quote any questions.

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