4 good messaging applications if you want to leave WhatsApp

4 good messaging applications if you want to leave WhatsApp | Instagram

After the forced privacy policies To which the WhatsApp application borders, many users will abandon it to migrate to others and it is for that reason that we will introduce you to 4 applications that can serve you.

The truth is that in recent weeks WhatsApp’s threat to block the accounts of users who did not accept the new privacy policies of the platform.

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And it is for the same reason that many people have sought various solutions to maintain the intimacy of their conversations without being cut off from communication.

As you remember, the application gave until this Saturday, May 15 to accept its new rules, otherwise, users will not be able to access their conversations or send messages, so their profiles will be disabled.

And the aforementioned does not have a complication, until after a few months, when WhatsApp can cancel the profile due to lack of use.

That’s right, although it seems a bit absurd, this will happen if your privacy rules are not accepted in four months.

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That is why if the intention is to overthrow the application or not accept its policies, here are some of the other messaging applications that can be downloaded to continue communications.



The truth is that perhaps this is the most popular after WhatsApp and at first, when the first threat was made by the application, most of the users demonstrated their despair with the migration to this app, which is very friendly in use.

It has end-to-end encryption for voice calls by default and will integrate multiple video calls by the end of May.

It collects less information and data from its users, although it is not the least.

Encryption for text messages has to be activated manually so that there are no records, but other than that I have encrypted conversations, multi-device mode, secret conversations with messages that expire and disappear, payments in chats.



It should be noted that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recommended this app on his social networks and since then a large number of people have reached it.

This app’s main virtue is its characteristics in terms of user privacy, guaranteed 100%.

The only data it collects is the phone number and the date you joined the platform, as well as the date you first logged in.

It has many similarities to WhatsAoo, such as sending messages, creating groups, making voice calls and group videos of up to eight people, as well as sending stickers.


Wickr me

This has very few similarities with WhatsApp, however, it has a lot of privacy.

Only the phone number is required to log in and it does not store contacts on its servers, does not save metadata, and irretrievably deletes messages when requested.

It also removes geolocation data from messages, photos and videos.

The only thing it shares with WhatsApp is the sending of emojis and stickers, so it is limited to communication and no more.



It is one of the communication platforms that has grown the most and at the time it was almost exclusively for those who love video games, but it is more complex, mature and complete than WhatsApp.

It has more functions that go beyond just communicating, but it also satisfies those who love customization and themes on their platforms.

This does not mean that it ceases to be serious, on the contrary, it is perhaps the one that gives more formality to its platform.

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