4 easy gestures that will save your skin and lips this winter

Each season has its good things and its bad things, and if in summer the heat and humidity are the culprits that the skin has more shine than ever, when the cold arrives, few get rid of dryness on the face or lips. . Although we recently warned you that sensitive skin is not a type of skin but a problem that must be treated, dry skin does have its own category and dehydration or tightness are some of the direct consequences of its nature that are aggravated in the winter. In addition to finding the hydrating and nourishing care routine that best suits you (and giving it time to take effect), familiarize yourself with certain gestures that will help you this year to notice the most beautiful complexion that can never mark a before and after in your beauty. Discover these 4 tricks revealed by the experts as well as why this 2020 you have to reinforce your rituals to the next level.VIEW GALLERY-‘Hand aging’: learn to take care of the part of the body that before reveals age The (unexpected) consequence of The mask Prevents much more important problems and its use is mandatory in the day to day, however, while at first glance you may think that the sanitary mask protects you against the havoc that the cold causes on the skin, the specialists warn that the effect could be the opposite. The reason is excessive sweating and perspiration caused by wearing a covered face for hours: “There is a high percentage of patients who consult because they notice dry lips, with small wrinkles around the lips and chin, and with the most marked nasolabial fold. In addition to more dead skin and even “boceras” (its medical name is cheilitis). It is a wound that appears in the corner, is painful and makes it difficult to open the mouth", explains Dr. María Vicente, the general surgeon and aesthetic doctor. Dry and / or atopic skin There are some cases in which the characteristics of various skin types overlap, such as in the case of dry and atopic skin in which tightness or itching due to dehydration become shared problems. As a factor that aggravates the situation, winter is the main suspect and Dr. Cristina García Millán, a dermatologist at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital and a collaborator of Bioderma, clarifies the reason: "Cold is an enemy, for two reasons; inside houses, schools, etc., the environment is hot and dry due to the heating and the dermatitis worsens; and low temperatures alter the skin barrier. For this reason, hydration must be intensified during winter". To anticipate the consequences, these are the gestures that you will start to implement if you want this winter season to be different: SEE GALLERY-15 cosmetics with retinol, the most powerful super-anti-aging ingredient 1 . Pay attention to the lips It seems like a reflex action impossible to avoid but this winter starts off on the right foot and with this firm purpose: "Avoid the temptation (to lick your lips). You never want more than when your lips feel dry, but it is important to avoid this practically automatic gesture at all costs because saliva dries out even more.", explains Nathalia Arango, co-founder of the Opuntia Organic center. As extra care, the expert recommends exfoliation and advises that "It is convenient to do it once a week or every two since it is a very sensitive area and we could irritate it. Peeling helps regenerate the skin and remove dead cells that accumulate in the outer layers. When you’re done, apply a generous layer of nourishing balm or lip oil". To really pamper yourself, in Opuntia Organic they have Lips Glow, a non-invasive treatment that activates blood circulation, boosts volume, increases hydration and defines the contour. 2. Hydrate yourself enough (also on the inside) Without wishing to fall into topics, hydration should not only be cultivated from the outside through nutritious care formulas, drinking water is also (very) important. "As always when we try to hydrate our tissues, we must drink enough water. In winter there are environmental factors that contribute to dryness, such as cold, wind and heating. Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water daily: you will notice the difference", assures Arango. VIEW GALLERY-Science reveals what bad habit ages much more than you think 3 . Water at the ideal temperature Showers or baths with boiling water are more appealing than ever in the warm season, however, your skin will not thank you: "The cold accentuates the sensitivity of our epidermis, so it is better to avoid both extreme temperatures and sudden changes in temperature. In your day to day, it is better not to clean your skin with very cold or hot water, to avoid contrasts that can irritate or congest it. Extreme temperatures create heat stress that will cause more congestion and irritation. Opt, whenever possible, to use warm water", advise the experts of Bruno Vasari, who recommend their Dermal Relief Cream as a winter cure, ideal for repairing the most irritated skin in depth. 4. Adapt your care routine Just as you put away your summer clothes at the end of September and start to get knitted sweaters to combat the cold, Nathalia Arango suggests that you do the same with your beauty products: "If you have dry skin, or it gets drier in winter, try changing your cleansing process. The double Japanese-style cleaning, first with a milk format (helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals) and then with an oily base, is perfect for cleaning without drying an iota". To finish, the Opuntia Organic specialist points out the ingredients that you will want to look for in your creams and serums: "Choose formulas rich in essential fatty acids to maintain the structure and proper functioning of skin cells. Also help are cosmetics with adaptogenic plants (rhodiola, sage, ginseng, Opuntia cactus …), which are those that have had to develop their own defense mechanisms to survive in hostile conditions".