4-degree earthquake shook San Juan for the second time

A new earthquake of with a depth of 7 kilometers, 50 kilometers southwest of San Juan and 122 kilometers north of MendozaIn Sarmiento, it shook again the lands of the province that days ago was affected by strong earthquakes.

A telluric movement again strongly shook the soil of San Juan after 4:00 p.m. According to Inpres, the epicenter was in the same area where the earthquake occurred on Monday.

San Juan earthquake

The magnitude was 4th on the Richter scale while on the Mercalli scale it had an intensity from III to IV.

The intensity in Pocito and Sarmiento was grade III to IV, that is, it was perceived by people who were at rest and some hanging objects oscillated. While in the City of San Juan and surrounding areas was grade III, then people at rest and those who live in tall buildings could notice it.

Hours later, at 18:13:54, there was another tremor. This time the epicenter was in Calingasta, but it was 2.8 degrees of magnitude and 104 kilometers deep.

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento House

« It’s a bit of luck and another bit of foresight », This is how Eduardo Portillo, the architect who is currently in charge of the Sarmiento Birthplace Museum, the impact that the old building had on the Magnitude 6.4 earthquake last Monday night.

The architect explained that the fissure that can be seen between the two windows that are to the north of the main door, right in front of the old house, is the only thing left by the earthquake.

In this regard, he explained that « This crack is produced by the lack of cohesion of the materials because it is right at the junction of the adobe house that was left standing and the wing that was demolished after the 1944 earthquake « .