Keeping our car in good condition is not only the responsibility of a mechanic, but it is also your own responsibility to drive properly avoiding potholes and jumping the stops at full speed

Driving in an accelerated way or without taking the necessary precautions can be very expensive for your pocket, and is that the streets through which we usually travel, sometimes are often full of obstacles such as potholes, open strainers or even have stops in excess or sometimes unnecessary.

That is why driving at high speeds in this type of situation would be very risky for the carsIt could cause serious damages that will undoubtedly hurt your economy as well. According to the Diariomotor portal, these are the 4 main breakdowns your car would go through if you speed past the tops of the streets or potholes:

1. Development of lumps and tears in the tires

Some potholes are usually deeper than others, and some even have sharp edges, so falling into one of these at full speed, the structure of your tire It could become deformed, just like when receiving a curb or leaving it parked “pinched” with the sidewalk. The mechanical stress of the tire is maximum.

2. The service life of shock absorbers is shortened

The shock absorbers of a car can last – on average about 60,000 kilometers in good condition. If you live in a city full of potholes and bumps, and you don’t pass them at a proper speed, they could last you half.

Shock absorbers are those that absorb the impacts of the wheels, dissipating their energy, so that they are not transmitted to the occupants of the car or to the chassis. A shock absorber Conventional has oil inside, which is responsible for dissipating the energy of the potholes. This fluid deteriorates with the passing of the kilometers, and the shock absorber loses its effectiveness, needing its replacement.

3. Failure to align and balance

Falling at high speed into a pothole or skipping a stop could ruin the alignment and sway of the tires causing the wheel to jump and notice uncomfortable vibrations in the direction of the car, especially after a certain speed. In short, the geometry of the steering and the axles would present uneven wear on the tires.

4. Slacks in the chassis and interior of the car

The deep potholes and repetitive stops gradually create gaps in different components of your car. For example, the suspension arm bearings. Also the silentblocks of the motor or anchors, suffer more than necessary. Another example is the dashboard, which can develop creaks, like other plastic panels inside the car, causing a feeling of “old car” even if it is very recent.


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