Since the emergence of the digital age, the platforms available on the web have become a solid tool for users in solving many of their tasks. The search for real estate is not out of this trend.

For home buyers who are looking for a commercial space, the Internet is one of the first must-see stops.

Although this is not a mistake, the truth is that the options available on the web cannot cover all the needs that the purchase or rental process implies.

4 advantages of a real estate consultant

As mentioned, we are talking about processes that involve a lot of paperwork and processes to be fulfilled, which cannot be successfully covered using only what is found on online platforms.

In this sense, Jorge Letayf, director of marketing at RE / MAX México, shared four advantages related to the work of a real estate consultant that you will not be able to find on the internet:

1. Determine the value of the property

Although there are many digital calculators that can do this process, the truth is that « a professional Real Estate Advisor considers different factors, from national and local housing trends such as neighborhoods or neighborhoods of the property to the preferences of buyers in the moment. Each house is unique and an Advisor will be able to determine, based on their experience and knowledge, the best sale price ”, assured Letayf.

2. Offline advertising

There is nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising and although communication actions are effective to sell or rent a property, as the RE / MAX Mexico spokesperson indicates, “Real Estate Consultants have networks of contacts and years of experience that They will help a good marketing strategy for your property. For buyers, it’s easier for a Real Estate Advisor to offer them several options before they visit real estate portals online. ”

3. Fundamental aspects in the process

! If you fall in love with a house on the internet, the online site will not be there to advise you with the real estate credit process or to do an inspection of the property, « said the manager.

4. How to negotiate

Finally, having a Professional Real Estate Advisor, “will give you the possibility of negotiating alternatives that can be vital in your operation, both for sale and for purchase. A real estate portal can calculate a certain price, but will never be able to assess whether it is the best price or not ”, Jorge concluded.