The National Seismological Service reported the night of June 29 a 4.7 magnitude tremor north of Tlapa in the state of Guerrero. Although this did not warrant the activation of the seismic alert, the telluric movement did it was noticeable in some areas of Mexico City.

The tremor took place 36 kilometers north of the Guerrero municipality, with latitude 17.87 and longitude-98.62, and was presented at a depth of 59 kilometers.

For its part, the Mexican Seismic Alert System (Sasmex) announced that the intensity of the telluric energy was not sufficient to activate the seismic alert.

Earthquake detected on Jun 29, 20 at 11:06:06 PM. NO SEISMIC ALERT WARNED because the energy estimate in the first seconds did not exceed the preset levels. Nearby sensor: Puebla-Guerrero boundary 15 km SW of Chiautla, Puebla

The head of the capital government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported on the event on her social networks and assured that outside the slight perception of the earthquake in some municipalities, there is no more information about it.

They report a perception of a slight earthquake in some city halls. More information will be provided in a moment.

According to the Sasmex report, there were 10 sensor stations that reported the eventuality, located in the states of Puebla (San Juan Pilcaya and Tehuitzingo), Oaxaca (Mitlalcingo, Olinalá, Ayutla and San Jerónimo) and Oaxaca (Tlachichilco, Vista Hermosa, El Venado and Llanos de Amuzgos).

As long as the energy produced by the earthquake is of low intensity, the seismic alert does not activate. Especially if the seismic effect is forecast to be less in the capital. Neither do seismic warnings warrant epicenter events that are far from the sensor coverage area.

According to the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection, although the movement was slight, communication was established with the units attached to the organization of the different mayoralties, but so far no affectations have been reported.

On June 23, the country was hit by a stronger earthquake. With a magnitude 7.5 degrees, thousands of Mexicans experienced moments of terror around 10:30 a day.

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