3DS outsold Xbox, including Series X, in Japan

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Although this year Xbox will celebrate its 20th anniversary, which account for different successes throughout that time, the brand still does not click on Asia and although South Korea and China are complicated markets, the possibilities of positioning their consoles in Japan are older, but this has not happened. We know that Xbox Series X | S have started a new era and part of it includes increasing the presence in the Japanese market, but the start has been weak to the extent that the 3DS sold more during 2020 than the entire Xbox family, including the new consoles.

According to information from Famitsu (via Nintendo Life), Xbox’s performance in Japan did not show significant changes during 2020 and after consulting the final results in terms of console sales, the Xbox family, including Xbox One S, Xbox One X , Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X sold a total of 35,009 units, of which 31,424 were Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. For its part, the 3DS family, consoles that have stopped being produced since September, sold a total of 62,761 units, showing the hard start that the Microsoft brand has had on the Japanese island.

Although these numbers could not be considered so encouraging, it must be taken into account that it is the beginning of a new strategy by Xbox to have a greater presence in Japan and Phil Spencer, head of the brand, has shown his willingness to change the course of history in that market.

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