Nintendo 3DS has been one of the consoles that many players have taken where they have wanted and have played what they have wanted, thanks to its more than large catalog full of an immense variety of titles. However, this time it is not time to talk about the success (or not) of the predecessor of Nintendo Switch, but to talk again about leaks, since, after Nintendo Wii leaked all its source code, now it has been the turn of the entire operating system of 3DS, along with the internal code of Diamond and Pearl Pokémon, the first two games of the fourth generation that were released for DS.

Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are exposed due to a new leak

It seems that the problem of the Nintendo leaks is far from over, since now there has been a new one related to 3DS and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Unlike the Wii leak, this does not include documentation, but we can get some less interesting data, such as that NVIDIA was initially present in the development of this portable console or that even said development began in 2006 , as suggested by some text files. In addition, it also seems that the Nintendo Switch operating system would be based on that of its predecessor.

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Regarding the leak related to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, this time there is no great hidden revelation, as happened with those of previous generations, where prototype versions could be found that taught players from all over the world how These titles were in the early stages of development and what was modified until the final version that reached the stores was finally reached.