Suffering from a disease or being a senior citizen could generate complications, but it is not expected of young people and athletes. Although, there are always cases. The main victims of the coronavirus are people who do not have the best defenses in the body.

Cyrill BoulangerHe was 37 years old, he was a security officer at RATP (Parisian Autonomous Transport Company), in Paris. He was admitted to the Lille University Hospital almost a week ago fighting against Covid-19; however, his body could not bear.

“He had absolutely no profile of what we thought were the victims of Covid-19”one of his colleagues told the newspaper Le Parisen, who revealed the information.

Father of two children, a former gendarme and champion of France, a judo veteran, he worked as a supervisor within the Protection and Safety Group of Networks (GPSR) in Paris. He lived in Esmery-Hallon, near Ham, on the Somme.

He Haimois Judo Club, Esmery-Hallon Sports Unin and CAFC PĂ©ronne paid tribute to him on Facebook.

“Since last week, he was hospitalized at the University Hospital of Lille in a very serious condition,” the RATP security service said in a message sent to the media on Sunday, April 5.

“Cyril leaves a unanimous memory of his participation and his professional conscience within the GPSR”.