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The introduction of the new Halo Infinite teaser left more criticism and jokes than recognition and inevitably the attention and fury of the fans are placed on top of 343 Industries. Although it is not known exactly what happened, it is a fact that it was a stumbling block by Xbox and the community is waiting for answers. In that sense, it seems that the development team is aware of what happened and the narrative director expressed his commitment to the franchise.

Following the wave of negative comments, a fan voiced his discontent on Twitter towards some well-known accounts from members of the Halo Infinite development team, and Dan Chosich, director of the narrative experience, responded to criticism. User criticism noted that 343i took the initial reaction to the Halo Infinite reveal – positive and heightened the hype – and blew everything up a few days ago, featuring low-quality textures and poor lighting effects.

In that sense, Chosich acknowledged that they were wrong and pointed out the following: « I have been in your shoes. I know what it is to have built expectations and feel disappointed. I want you to know that your voice matters and is heard. We are not turning a deaf ear. Always I’ve wanted to live up to the legacy Bungie pioneered and I personally care about honoring that. « 

Definitely, what happened with Halo Infinite was not what was expected because although the game is being talked about a lot in all the media and networks, the reality is that it is in a negative way and has even turned into ridicule like the one recently carried out by a network of pizzerias.

Halo Infinite will debut this year on Xbox One, Xbos Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and PC. In this link you will find all the related information.

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