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Today, when an AAA title fails to meet expectations, either pre-launch or after, fans want to know immediately what happened, especially when it comes to situations that go beyond perception. and acceptance of the content and that seem to account for problems within the responsible studios and companies. It is no secret that since the new Halo Infinite trailer was revealed, doubts have not stopped appearing and uncertainty begins to surround 343 Industries and Xbox a few months after the debut of Xbox Series X. Well, by its not enough , a collection of information accuses the study and the game of being a real disaster.

The controversy has not released Halo Infinite after the Xbox Games Showcase and for various reasons fans are doubting and questioning the project, especially since what was presented was not considered to be in accordance with a flagship title of the most powerful console in the world. One of these lines of questioning suggests that things are not right on 343i and that the study has a number of problems that have led to the result a few days ago. Hence, the community began looking for clues and this led them to Glassdoor, a work platform where they found a series of opinions that ensure that both the study and Halo Infinite are a disaster waiting to happen.

Former workers define 343i and Halo Infinite as a disaster

Through a publication on reddit, a user collected opinions from alleged 343 Industries alumni, who point out all the problems that take place in the study and that could ruin Halo Infinite. Before referring to them, we remind you that these are anonymous testimonials, however, the Glasdoor platform indicates on its official site that it verifies the legitimacy of user profiles and their relationship to the jobs they refer to in the measure. as possible.

That said, the testimonies – that you can consult in this link – indicate that one of the most important problems of 343 Industries is at a technical level since the engine and the tools they work with can be considered as « old » and the current project, which In this case it is Halo Infinite, it has been very ambitious for the studio’s capacity, so the project has had to be restructured on a smaller scale in order to deal with it. According to these statements, this has led to the performance of the game’s advancements breaking again and again and they even refer to the 343i’s work with its graphics engine as something that is patched everywhere and even weeks have passed in those that have not seen new lines of code.

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Likewise, other testimonies indicate that 343 Industries has been filled with subcontracted personnel and the permanence of new workers is very short, so that those who arrive do not know how to continue working with what their predecessor left, that is, there is no continuity in the development of various areas. In the same way, there are accusations around the structure of the study, since it is considered that the highest positions are in the hands of workers who have remained there despite the average reception of the projects, so there are no new prospects.

343i is accused of being a toxic and incompetent space

Regarding the managerial level, these alleged ex-workers point out that there is a gap between those who direct the studio and the creatives, since the former are only interested in doing well in one way or another with Microsoft’s games division even when things don’t They are on the right path. In this sense, an ex-worker considers 343i as a toxic space and full of incompetence since something as elementary as the communication channels between the workforce is reduced to emails that are immediately filled with automated messages, making it difficult to be aware of what about colleagues and the project they work on.

Finally, one of these testimonies dared to define 343i and the Halo Infinite project as a catastrophe since there is no investment, there are no tools to create such a game and, as has been a constant in recent projects, the shadow of the crunch is present.

What’s your opinion about it?

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