343 Industries acknowledges that the silence regarding Halo Infinite has dragged on longer than it would like

The study promises to be more communicative in the coming months.

Halo Infinite

Microsoft the new generation has started strongly. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are off to a fantastic start, becoming the biggest launch for the Xbox brand in existence. In the plans of the Americans it was that the console It will be launched to the market with Halo Infinite, the new installment of the saga, but as you know the game was delayed to 2021 to improve its quality.

Due to circumstances following our date change, we have been quiet longer than we would like 343 IndustriesSome fans have expressed their discontent and worry due to the lack of specific information on the title and 343 Industries is aware of this, to the point that he has reported, in a new post on his blog, that he has plans to be more communicative in the next few months. The study’s commitment exists, according to the community manager, John junyszek.

“We see that you, our community, you have many questions and you are eager for more information. We know. We listen to you. We understand“Junyszek commented.” We are eager to go into detail about the rich history and characters of the Halo Infinite campaign. […]. This begs the question: ‘When are you going to show all of that?’ The best we can say right now is ‘when you’re ready’“, explained the community manager.

Halo Infinite Image

343 Industries has indicated that the delay from the release date has meant a knock for all his planning and has acknowledged that the silence has been lengthened more than necessary: ​​”We know that you are all very anxious to know what is happening with Infinite and due to a lot of circumstances as a result of our date change, we have been quiet longer of which we would like “.

So the studio wants this be different in the future: “We are working with the team to provide an update end of the year and set plans to be a lot more communicative in the coming months. “Junyszek has indicated that the next community update will be the December 17, so there may be news that day, since we have officially known that the game will not make an appearance at the 2020 Game Awards.

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