33% of COVID-19 survivors suffer neurological sequelae, according to the largest study conducted

More than a third of all COVID-19 survivors have mental disorders after the illness is over.

A growing number of COVID-19 survivors is presenting physical sequelae even weeks after you have recovered of the illness. This condition is already being studied by scientists around the world. However, a new alarm about the mental and neurological repercussions of the infection has arisen around the planet.

What are mental and neurological conditions due to?

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More than 30% of COVID-19 survivors suffer from these symptoms. Although still there are no conclusive studies Regarding the cerebral affectations – at a mental and neurological level – of a COVID-19 infection, a new concern afflicts the community scientist in charge of the pandemic.

It is known that the anxiety and the mood disturbances They are among the most common late diagnoses, according to The Lancet Psychiatry. In the same way, the typical headaches of coronavirus infection are frequent, even weeks after the virus disappears from the body.

In much smaller proportions, cases of brain hemorrhages and vascular effusions, as well as early dementia. According to the study, in very severe cases of COVID-19. Although the risk of these sequelae occurring is really low, the effect on health is significant for whom it is survived severe symptoms.

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Rehabilitation for survivors should not only be physical

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In the face of severe cases of COVID-19, the hospital infrastructure that treats similar cases is scarce. Even more so when the symptoms they show up weeks later, when the patient is apparently healthy and recovered from the disease. However, the study sheds new light on a problem that is barely visible on the pandemic horizon.

Given the cases analyzed in the samples used for the research, it is becoming increasingly clear that the rehabilitation for survivors of COVID-19 it must not only be physical. You need a psychological and neurological monitoring nearby, to prevent long-term consequences are even more serious than the disease itself.

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