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Scarlett johansson He is, without a doubt, one of the most brilliant stars in Hollywood. The actress, nominated for an Oscar twice, turns 36 this November 22.

We review 30 curiosities to get to know a little better the actress from films such as Match Point, Lost in Translation, The Avengers, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​Lucy, Story of a marriage or Black Widow, the Marvel character who has embodied for more than a decade .

His first film was North (A boy named North), 1994. They attributed their presentation to The Man Who Whispered to Horses. But actually, this was his seventh movie (despite his young age, as he was only 13 years old).He started smoking when he was 15 years old and has had trouble quitting ever since. They gave him a pseudonym, like many celebrities, that he doesn’t like at all: ScarJo. The actress pointed out to Glamor: “It sounds tacky. He’s lazy and frivolous… And he has something violent about him. There is something offensive about him. ” Apparently he’s been very afraid of cockroaches ever since he woke up one day with one on his face.When he turned twenty, ten years ago, he celebrated his birthday at Disneyland. He was born three minutes before his twin brother Hunter. She acted in Home Alone 3 playing the role of Molly, Alex’s sister. It went unnoticed as no one stopped commenting on where Macaulay Culkin was. You could have starred in You to London and I to California, but the role ended up in the hands of Lindsay Lohan. He was featured in the Justin Timberlake video What Goes Around Comes Around ‘.She was unable to play Lisbeth Salander in Millennium because she was “too sexy,” according to the casting directors. Anywhere I Lay My Head and Break Up are the two albums Johansson has released. She was the first celebrity to appear on The Looney Tunes Show, even though she didn’t put her character (named Starlett Johansson) He has never won a Golden Globe, an award he has chosen four times, but has won a Bafta for his role in Lost In Translation (considered one of his best films) Her lips are, supposedly, the reason why Katy Perry composed I Kissed A Girl. He directed and wrote the short These Vagabond Shoes starring Kevin Bacon. There are rumors that he is going to be behind the camera to shoot Summer Crossing, the first novel by Truman Capote. If true, it would mark her directorial debut. He loves to go to the movies. Supposedly, she dresses as a man to go unnoticed.Apparently he loves Frozen and dreams of doing a Disney musical. Furthermore, he smoked weed “elegantly.”The song that gets her in a good mood is Jump Around by House of Pain. What he likes most to see on television are reruns of I love you, Lucy and House Hunters International. She is an active woman in politics and a huge fan of Barack Obama and, more recently, Joe Biden. Johansson fired his mother as his agent in 2009. He participated in SpongeBob, the movie. For those of you who have seen it in the original version, Scarlett played Mindy, the daughter of Neptune.She is not often embroiled in controversy, but her role as an Oxfam ambassador was called into question after she became Soda Stream’s first global ambassador. This company has a factory in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank. She and her partner Romain Dauriac met through a tattoo artist who was friends with both. The actress married Colin Jost, her third husband after Ryan Reynolds and Romain Dauriac, in October 2020. For his ideal dinner, he would invite Bette Davis, David Bowie and Bono. There is something you would have liked to do when you were young … if you had known: Invest in Apple.

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