The world’s most popular music streaming platform (300 million users) has been testing new features in secret before deciding whether or not to incorporate them into your platform.

But Jane Manchun Wong, a blogger famous for applying reverse technology to popular apps in search of this kind of hidden functionality, has published in these days what Spotify is working on. And it comes loaded with news:

30 minutes of offline music daily for non-subscribers

30 Minutes Offline

One of the great novelties of this batch of changes could be give free users the opportunity to listen to music offline for 30 minutes a day.

Currently, offline music on Spotify is an option reserved for paid subscribers, while free users need to use Wi-Fi or their mobile connection.

Favorite podcast episodes


In the section “Your library”, the Spotify user can save their favorite songs, playlists, artists and albums, as well as, for some time, their podcasts.

However, there was no way to save only a specific episode of a podcast which we would have especially liked. That will change from now on, with the launch of the “Your Episodes” feature.

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And that’s not all…

But these have not been the only features in unveiled tests. There is more:

Automatic update of playlists: Users can enable it so that any changes made to it are automatically reflected in their session.

New Car Mode: Wong posted screenshots show larger grids for recommended playlists, a banner advising users that they can control the app using Google Assistant, and a redesigned player.

Car mode
Car Mode

If you’re willing to start using all of these options, temper your enthusiasm: that Spotify is testing them does not mean that they will be implemented at some point; And even if it were, on occasions Wong has revealed features that have not reached all users until several months later.

Via | XDA-Developers

Images | Jane Manchun Wong

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