The world is an amazing place with a rich history and countless phenomena.

We could be better off with some things, shocking and surprising as they are, being a mystery to us.

Here are some cool things about the world that you probably haven’t seen before (or wish you hadn’t seen):

1. I am officially fascinated with owlsAlbinism is a rare genetic trait that makes animals pigmented in their bodies and gives them red eyes. While you’ve seen some albino animals before, these huge red eyes terrify me.

2. Never underestimate the power of the wind.This tree is located near Greenough in Western Australia, where the wind blows so powerfully and steadily that trees that are not protected by any windbreak objects actually grow sideways.

3. The first step to buying a neon sign

In the past, street vendors were the main way that businesses could sell products to businesses. This is what a neon light salesman carried in his briefcase to show potential customers in 1930.

4. In a galaxy far, far away …

These leftover pieces from a filming location for the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope, were left in the Tunisian desert. The location was used as Luke, the main character, home.

5. The coolest version of ‘Twinning’

It is well known that the gene for having twins crosses the family lines, so it only makes sense that one pair of twins who married another pair of twins have children who are twins.

6. Not your typical Grand Canyon.This is a photo of the Grand Canyon found in Greenland, which is slightly cooler than that of Arizona. Its impressive length (over 466 miles!) Was first discovered in 2013 under a giant ice cap.

7. Meet the first therapy dog ​​in history.

This is ‘Smoky’, a Yorkshire terrier who lived between 1943 and 1957 and served in World War II. He carried out 12 combat missions, 150 air strikes and received eight stars for his support service to the troops.

8. I never realized how small the Earth is compared to the Sun.Outer space can be very difficult to conceptualize for a person who has no experience in astronomy, so this scale model of the sun vs. The planets in our solar system really add perspective.

9. Imagine that the children’s games were still so high …

This photo of kids playing on their local playground was taken in 1912. Compared to the shorter and much safer options available to children in most parks and schoolyards, these really made you a good climber. .

10. A sundial that offers digitally readable time.

This sundial was 3D printed with grooves so that, depending on the height of the sun, the incoming light creates a readable time like a digital watch face in the shade.

11. This is a photo from the Everglades.

Approximately 200,000 alligators live in the Everglades, but more than 1.5 million live in the state of Florida alone! Despite popular beliefs perpetuated by movies, alligators do not eat humans.

12. These are vie Vietnamese Moss Frogs ’.

This species of frog is found predominantly in northern Vietnam and southeast China. Their skin, which resembles moss on a rock, acts as camouflage for predators, and they curl up in a ball when they are afraid.

13.This is the rarest pasta in Italy.

His filindeu is an Italian handmade pasta that only three women in the world know how to make. It is so difficult and time consuming to do that it was not available to the public for 200 years.

14. Well, this statue looks terribly horrible.

This statue completed by Marco d’Agrate represents Saint Bartholomew, a primitive Christian martyr who was allegedly skinned alive. If you look closely, you will notice that it is not a robe he is holding, it is his faded skin.

15. These are prosthetic fingers.

Most of us have seen a prosthetic leg or prosthetic arm in our lives, but prosthetic toes are a relatively new medical invention and have not yet reached popular use.

16. Not an average school trip.

This photo was taken in 1959 in Modena, Italy. To go to school, these children had to crawl across the river using this cable and pulley system.

17. This looks a little tight.

The Corinth Canal is a narrow passage that connects the Corinthian Gulf, a deep entrance to the Ionian Sea, with the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea. It is 6 and a half kilometers long and only 21 meters wide at sea level.

18. This is a very sturdy tree trunk.

The Old Man of the Lake is an 11-meter-high tree stump, most likely a hemlock tree, that has been swinging vertically in Crater Lake in Oregon since at least 1896.

19. Natural camouflage at its best.

Thousands of years of evolution have helped animals become extremely suitable for survival in their respective habitats. Owls not only have 360 ​​° vision, but many also blend almost seamlessly into their environments.

20. This cave dates back 10,000 years.

This carving of a giraffe 10,000 years ago was found in the Sahara desert. In reality, it is believed that the Sahara desert used to be a lush green land, meaning that giraffes probably lived in the area back then.

21. The German Cherry Blossom Tunnel.

Located in the city of Bonn, Germany, this street lined with Japanese cherry trees is one of the most beautiful in the world. The trees were gifted to Germany by Japan in the 1980s, but they have a short flowering period, making this a very rare sight.

22. This is the largest eagle in the world.

This is the harpy eagle, a bird so large that it resembles a person in a bird costume. It is the largest and most dangerous raptor in the rain forest.

23. A temple cut directly into the rock.

This is the Kailasa Temple located in Ellora, India. Finished in the 8th century AD. C., the entire structure was carved directly into the rock and is the largest rock-cut temple in India.

24. This computer store has been intact since 2002.

Since the beginning of the digital age in the 1990s, technology has changed at an extremely rapid rate; in fact, it’s hard to believe that the store’s contents were the latest models less than 20 years ago.

25. This is what the interior of a passenger plane looked like.

It is shocking to see it compared to the current rows of seats that we are used to seeing on planes, but this is what the cabin of a passenger plane looked like in 1930.

26. An artist’s interpretation of Pangea.

Scientists believe that all land masses on Earth were originally connected as one large continent – Pangea. An artist attempted to show where today’s borders would fall in Pangea before the continents parted.

27. To help you understand the terms you hear on medical TV shows

Medical scans are a non-invasive technology that allows doctors to get a better idea of ​​what is going on inside your body. All the different scan names can be confusing, but this diagram shows the difference between each one.

28. Penguin egg whites stay clean when boiled.

I don’t know who decided to boil a penguin egg, and I don’t particularly want to know, but it’s interesting that the egg whites of different birds don’t actually turn white when cooked.

29. The lately famous “Killer Wasp” being cooked alive by bees.

The killer hornets, which recently headed to North America for the first time, are apparently not loved by bees. In this photo, they try to swarm and overheat this hornet to kill it.

30. This helmet is from 490 BC.

This Corinthian helmet and human skull are relics of the Battle of Marathon, which took place during the first Persian invasion of Greece in 490 BC. C. The helmet survived with the skull of the warrior inside.

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