3 ways to promote your business on social media and sell more

It is not possible for your company to be successful against the competition without you resorting to advertising, with it you approach your customers in the right way, you capture them to acquire your goods or services and you keep them with you, with your company.

It helps you to have an advertising strategy. If you manage to maintain the presence of your company on the Internet you can increase the sales of your products or services. Technology is considered a generator of growth options for businesses.

We present three advertising options for your company:

1. Advertise your company on social networks

It is necessary that you promote the products or services that your company offers in all areas where technological development allows it, if you do it on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter we will tell you that it is difficult for you to find out If this advertising works because of the complications to track the investment.

Marketing specialists see social networks as a way of connecting with brands. By allowing you to incorporate emojis, photos, graphics, sound and video, it constitutes a good channel of expression for the values ​​of your brand.

Marketing specialists see social networks as a way of connecting with brands. Photo: Pixabay.

That you cannot measure the return on your investment does not imply that you do not promote your company and its goods or services on the networks. One of them, Pinterest, generates sales traffic to e-commerce sites. Facebook and Instagram are also excellent options to promote online purchases, so choose the one you want to use for your promotion.

2. use pay-per-click advertising

This advertising consists of paying for the clicks you get on an advertisement on the Internet, and which is seen with the results of typing keywords in a search engine. There are also sites like Google Adwords where the purchase of these ads is allowed.

The main thing for this to work is that you choose the correct words. This advertising option allows you to accumulate leads and make sales.

Here are two suggestions for your pay-per-click ads:

Link your ad to a page whose design is oriented to gather your potential customers.

Another option is to direct your ads to pages of your goods or services with content that seeks to convince customers of the purchase.

3. Post posters and brochures of your goods or services

If you show posters and distribute brochures and flyers, you will have a magnet that leads customers to the site where your company or the store you have installed is located.

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of this form of advertising. You can incorporate trace mechanisms in the posters and brochures, for example, include discount codes and in the brochures you can put removable coupons with which the customer receives a discount when presenting it.

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