3 tips to find movies that aren’t showing

There are several platforms to watch movies, series and documentaries, but a very popular one is Netflix. Currently many people have this service, as it offers a variety of audiovisual content for all age groups.

However, having a lot of content is sometimes a problem for users to find what they want to see. Because the most popular movies as well as series among subscribers or the one that has been added recently are shown.

There are a variety of movies and series on Netflix for all ages. Photo: Pixabay

For this reason, here we will tell you some tips so that you can search and find Netflix content that does not appear at first glance.

1. Use the Netflix search engine to find the content of interest

Netflix has a search system which allows you to quickly find movies as well as series.

To find a content that is to your liking you can use the search engine, you just have to add some keywords so that the movies that are related to these characteristics are shown.

For example, you can put the genre, the name of the director or actor that appears in the film, as well as the category in which it is related or belongs. In this way the content will be displayed quickly as long as it is available on Netflix.

Once you find the content of interest, you just have to select the image quality, the desired audio and you can start playing the material.

2. Search through the Netflix categories

Another alternative to search and find the content you want to see on Netflix is ​​through the categories that the platform has.

Due to the magnitude of content that this entertainment service has, there are several categories that it handles, however it will help you quickly locate a movie or series.

Within each selected content there is also the option of similar, which indicates other files that are linked or belong to a category that is of interest to you.

3. Check the hidden catalog of the platform

Netflix has content that does not appear at first glance, so that you can access and find other types of material, all you have to do is enter the platform from your computer or mobile phone with your profile through your established browser, then you enter to the movies section and you should check the URL.

It is usually displayed as follows:, the link number changes to the hidden category code.

Which you can review through the list of codes found on the Netflix Codes page, there will be shown the keys that each of the genres of the platform’s content has.

So what you have to do is add at the end of the URL the code of the genre you want to review.

If you apply these strategies it is certain that you will be able to find the content of interest according to your tastes, you will also be able to review and assess the other options that this service has available to you.

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