For lovers and rock connoisseurs, the name KISS is synonymous with legend. They are one of the longest-running bands in the current music scene and their discography spans 20 studio albums since their debut in 1974 and many more between live albums and compilations. Your bassist, Gene Simmons, in addition to being the iconic image of the group with his devilish demon-vampire makeup and his long tongue, he is a man who from a young age knew what he wanted: to be famous, to play rock n ‘roll and to be a millionaire. And he did it all.

The three facets have been achieved thanks to the band that, in addition to being a benchmark in rock, is also a leader in marketing: KISS has more than 3,500 official articles, among which we can find: sarcophagi, pinball machines, baby pacifiers, decorations Christmas, grills, sheets, lamps, chandeliers, curtains, shirts, condoms, perfumes, comics and collectible dolls.

“The KISS empire has actually been made possible because it is a marketing monster. The unfortunate thing is that many bands have neglected that part, the fact that what we actually do is ‘the music business’ and not ‘music’, something that we understood from the beginning, ”says Gene Simmons.

None of this would be possible without the entrepreneurial vision of Simmons, a man who has always shown tremendous confidence in his abilities and business vision. The demonic bassist who in each show spits fire and blood while his fans cheer him, has very valuable advice to give to anyone who wants to face the world with their own businesses and the dream of succeeding in them. Pay attention to the words of Simmons, a demon who made a pact with rock to succeed and achieve immortality:


“You are your resume, so it is better to walk with your back straight, look people in the eye and, if you are not sure of yourself, pretend. It is the only way to survive ».

If you have confidence in yourself, you can go very far, the question is to be sure that what you have in your hands does not resemble anything that is in the outside world. And yes, when the occasion warrants it, show a blind confidence in what you say even if you have certain doubts. If you play your cards well, no one has to know.

“I was a voracious reader and still am. I have read all kinds of things that do not interest me and therein lies something important: in order to learn something, especially something new, maybe it is what you are not interested in. ”

There is always valuable information to watch for to discover a new idea. Do not throw anything away, because in the least expected places there is always an opportunity that was waiting for you to be discovered. Therein lies the ability of entrepreneurs to see what others are unable to discover.

« I fail all the time, but that doesn’t mean anything. In 1929 the stock market was falling apart and people were jumping out of buildings even though they were in good health and the ability to make money again. My mother, who survived the Nazis, taught me that if you are alive, you have already won with that. ”

Value everything you have and make it your main strength. If you have a brain, two hands and two legs, plus a huge heart that believes in itself, you have everything to go as far as you want. Just work, plan, and spot the opportunities. Maybe you will fail. If possible. But there are also times to succeed.

Pay attention to the good Gene Simmons.

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