3 things you should never do on a plane: the video of a flight attendant that went viral

Inside airplanes there are a series of behaviors that must be taken into account when flying. While many are for safety, many others exist to maintain a good coexistence on board during the duration of the trip.

In parallel, a new viral movement has emerged on TikTok that brings together cabin crew from around the world. The flight attendants opened several accounts on that network to share some tips when flying and even tell anecdotes that they have had to live working at heights.

However, this time, the Emirates airline stewardess, identified as @ danidboyy1 or simply “Dani”, went viral for sharing the “definitive list of things not to do on a plane”. Although it is a short list, it has some keys to be able to travel comfortably, not have a bad time during the flight and maintain the basic safety guidelines on board.

The list of forbidden things on an airplane

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1) Never go to the bathroom without shoes

Perhaps it is obvious but according to the sayings of another flight attendant through the Reddit platform, walking barefoot on an airplane is extremely unsanitary. “The planes arriving at the airport are ready to be boarded again in less than 20 minutes,” he said. This means that there is not much time to do a deep cleaning, so the bathrooms and floors of the plane are not suitable for walking without shoes.

2) Do not use the tray table or the television without having disinfected it

Coupled with the previous tip, Dani stressed that there is not much time to clean each seat and each television so, after flights of several hours, it is possible that those who have used it previously have not left it in impeccable condition. Therefore, it is recommended to use it after a brief disinfection with a wet wipe.

3) Do not stop as soon as the plane lands

This last tip is perhaps the most important since it is a security measure. Although it is something that is remembered prior to each landing, both pilots and hostesses are in charge of preventing this from happening since it presents a danger to passengers and the crew if there is any failure during landing and arrival at the terminal .

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