Tesla has managed to position itself as an automotive brand of great value in the market and it has all been thanks to three strategies that have successfully worked for it

The signatures of cars They are constantly in search of technological innovation, which has been one of the biggest bets in the market, however, a poor strategy or poor implementation of it in a vehicle may not generate the expected results.

Tesla It has seen the opportunity to determine actions that help the consumer to integrate into new proposals, discovering an increasingly relevant business opportunity, as it not only develops technology, but has also adapted to consumer habits.

Tesla Model S.
Credit: Courtesy Tesla.

According to the Merca 2.0 portal, Tesla He has developed 3 strategies that have positioned him as one of the greats in the automotive industry and that other car brands should follow as an example.

1. Foray into the energy industry.

The development of batteries It has been one of the most important technologies for Tesla and has given it the opportunity to innovate in categories not only like automotive, but energy.

Tesla is about to launch a new low-cost and longer battery life from the Chinese company CATL. The technology development strategy has given the company the opportunity to Elon musk to be able to transform the automotive category and establish new standards within an energy company.

2. Impose new design guidelines

Tesla caused a stir with the launch of the Cybertruck, and it became one of the most revealing design proposals of the brand and that no one had dared to make. This has led various designers to imagine proposals that are transforming the work of brands and establishing new benchmarks for work, from which they are innovating in the market.

The important point in this lesson is the importance of graphic coding and how design is a key element of brand communication and imposition of new categories.

3. Subscription to services

Tesla developed a rental service for its automatic driving software, so the strategy of companies such as Netflix, offering services under this modality has become a key opportunity in the technology market, not only to be able to commercialize its services, but also to have a user base to offer these products to.


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