3 stops for a getaway by car

Gas stations en route

Touring the Costa Brava by car is one of the most recommended options for this summer. To save on the trip, especially on gasoline, it is advisable to look for the gas stations that guarantee the best fuel at the best price. In this area of ​​the Catalan coast, the best option is the Platinium Oil group gas stations, which help you manage fuel consumption effectively and guarantee the quality of fuel and service.

Platinium Oil is a network of gas stations located throughout the Mediterranean, from the Catalan Costa Brava to the Alicante coast. The group has 24 gas stations between Catalonia and Valencia, the last in Cartagena.

The main objective of Platinium Oil is to sell fuel of the highest level at the best price. All its fuel comes from the main oil companies in the country and its latest generation pumps have the periodic certification labels approved by the regulatory bodies to comply with the regulations. The entire network has external filters, so the fuel is filtered at a level 5 times higher than your car’s own filter and the purity of the product and its guarantee are 100% guaranteed.

Platinium Oil includes three brands under its trademark: Aneu Oil, Vcc Gasóleos and Peninsula Quality Product in order to offer the highest product quality at all points of sale, the best price in the area, and superior customer service. that of other low cost gas stations and, attention to professionals, a unique free card with great advantages.

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