3 simple exercises to lose weight and tone your whole body

With these 3 exercises you can lose weight, tone your body and regain your health with low impact exercises with which you can enhance every muscle in your body.

December 02, 2020 05:31 hs

With these 3 low-impact exercises you will be able to firm your body, strengthen your muscles and prevent any type of injury from happening to you. Take note of what they are so that you can start to improve your body and your health.

With these 3 exercises you can achieve that your body is in harmony with the mind.


Practicing stretching exercises is very important for those who have problems with joints or musculoskeletal.

That is why practicing this type of exercise is vitally important to maintain a Healthy weight, toned muscles and proper movement conducive to healthy bones and joints.


No one doubts the invaluable health benefits of walking. In addition to helping the metabolism to speed up, help to lose weight and improve health cardiovascular of each individual.

For this, you will only have to invest a minimum of 30 minutes daily at a fast, firm and constant step to make your body begin to transform and obtain the incredible benefits of this low impact exercise.

Stationary bicycle

This low-impact exercise will allow you to work the middle and lower body area, reinforcing the musculature Y toning the areas of your body that until now you have not subjected to exercise.

You will lose weight, you will accelerate the metabolism and you will tone your whole body with just a small session of 45 minutes per day.

These 3 simple exercises to tone your body and lose weight will be essential in your daily routines and you can intersperse them or even practice 2 per day.