3 series to watch this Sunday on Netflix and Amazon Prime

3 series to watch this Sunday on Netflix and Amazon Prime | Instagram

On this occasion we will let you know 3 series Recommended to watch this Sunday, May 16 on the famous Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV + platform, so if you no longer have anything to do, keep reading so you know what we’re talking about.

We will introduce you to a premiere series, an ideal one to do a marathon and a catalog gem to discover and the best of all is that they are available on the Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV + platforms.

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The truth is that today staying home and enjoying a marathon is one of the favorite activities without a doubt.

It is for this reason that platforms digital have put the batteries to the million and are releasing new content week after week.

3 recommended series to watch today:


The Underground Railroad (Amazon Prime Video)

Oscar-winning Moonlight Barry Jenkins adapts Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name in this ten-episode miniseries, in which Cora, a young slave on a Georgia cotton plantation, begins a daring escape to the north in search of its freedom, following a network of underground railways.

Set in the days of slavery, this series is forced to portray some of the horrors of that dark period in the history of the United States, but it always does so with respect for those who suffered them.


For All Mankind (Apple TV +)

Summer 1969. Millions of people are in front of television to see the arrival of man on the moon live.

The heroes of this enormous achievement are the Soviets, whose cosmonauts utter the words that will go down in history: “This is a triumph of the Marxist-Leninist way of life.”

Thus begins this uchrony, which wonders what would have happened if the space race had not ended with the arrival of the first man on the moon, because that historical milestone belonged to the Soviet Union and not to the United States.


Russian Doll (Netflix)

Black comedy that tells the story of Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), a woman who is caught in the loop of a night out in New York, a day that repeats itself without her being able to do anything to avoid it, and that always ends with a fatal accident that leaves her back where she started.

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