The streaming market is growing and one of its qualities is that it has been able to stay close to millions of audiences, who have had the fortune to take shelter at home, during the confinement that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced.

The figures that speak of the users of these platforms are surprising, but a detail that is even more revealing is the one that warns us in which countries this increase has occurred.

A study by El Diario reveals that Spain is where the highest percentage variation has been registered in terms of the consumption of streaming platforms, adding 108 percent, followed by France with a variation of 82 percent and Mexico with a variation of 32 percent.

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The reason for streaming

The COVID-19 pandemic is the great pretext to consume more streaming during this contingency, however, there are three reasons that have convinced the users of these platforms to stay subscribed.

There have been various stories that we have been able to tell about streaming and how it has become an obligatory habit among people during this contingency.

In a study conducted by Hulu, to understand what has been happening during this contingency among audiences, the firm found that the offer of exclusive programs, the perception that they were getting content of value for their money invested and the feeling that they were faced with large content libraries, they were essential to make the decision to remain in these media.

The profit of the platforms

Streaming platforms are in a unique moment, which undoubtedly shot up the number of subscribers in their media and although this amount is apparently overflowing for now, the platforms have to build their business in the face of an eventual drop in the preferences of the habits of streaming. the audiences for platforms like Netflix and others.

A point that is remarkable is that in the midst of these efforts there are three insinghts that warn us how to maintain this trend: generate original content and multiply your content library.