Last season it couldn’t end worse for Golden State Warriors. They went on to play their fifth consecutive League Finals and were clear favorites to clinch their fourth title in five years. However, the thing did not end as they wanted.

Kevin Durant got injured and decided not to renew his contract, Klay thompson He was also seriously injured and, at the outset, at the beginning of this campaign, with the team undone, Stephen Curry also fell.

This year they have finished the season with the worst record in the league and, although they hope to reignite next season, there is reason to think that the yellow team may have collapsed. It may or may not, but the reasons are there:

1. Lack of bench

The Warriors gave it their all in 2016 to sign Kevin Durant. Obviously, things went very well for them (they won two consecutive championships). However, in return, they left the roster very short. And, of course, they notice that now.

In fact, the only substitute left in the squad at the time of the titles is Kevon Looney. Men like Ky Bowman, Damion Lee or Jordan Poole don’t seem very trustworthy. We will see what happens, but accompanying Curry, Thompson and Green with a guarantee squad is not easy. We will see if they succeed.

2. Increased competition

At the time of the rings the Warriors’ great rivals were the Harden and Company Rockets in the West and LeBron in the Finals.

Today there are several teams that have several stars and that it seems that they can choose to win: the Antetokounmpo Bucks, the LeBron Lakers, the Leonard Clippers or even teams like Raptors, Celtics or Jazz that have competitive squads that could give a leap forward. It is not easy to win again. Competition is fierce.

3. Injuries

DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney were injured last season and avoided the ring. This season the Warriors have been for most of the year without Thompson and Curry. If they don’t get back in shape. If they do not return in condition or if they relapse, they will lose the options to fight for the ring.