3 Mexican footballers who refused to play for America

America is undoubtedly the most important team in Mexican soccer, which is why many players, whether born in the country or even outside the country, see playing with the Azulcrema team as a dream, but The Eagles have not always received a positive response when they have been interested in a player.

In these last transfer markets within America, there have been enough names to reach the Eagles of prominent Mexican players who play in another part of the world, from Europe to the United States, but These players have expressed their refusal to return to Mexican soccer to play for the Eagles.

Far from the rumor that there was about Carlos candle, Since the player never received a proposal from America, there are 3 players with whom America did ask the possibility, but the answer was negative.

The most popular of course was Jonathan dos Santos, a player who in each transfer market has been rumored of his possible arrival, however, the footballer himself has expressed that he wishes to continue his career with the Galaxy, even, opening the possibility of retiring right there.

In case of Nestor Araujo it was also real when the Eagles showed their interest in repatriating him, but The player decided to reject any approach from the team because he wants to continue in Spanish football with Celta de Vigo, where he has earned a place in the starting team.

Finally, there is the case of Hector Moreno, a player who currently plays in Qatari football and when mentioning that he will leave the team, the Eagles sounded to repatriate the player. But again a negative response came back, since the soccer player has expressed his desire to play in MLS and if he returns to Mexican soccer, he wants to do so to play with the UNAM Pumas.

Thus these are the 3 recent cases of Mexican soccer players who have rejected the Eagles’ interest in repatriating them on their return to Liga MX.