3 messaging apps that don’t give you away (like WhatsApp’s ‘popcorn’)

By Carlos Fernandez de Lara

(CNNMexico) – It may be that the blue popcorn that indicates the reading of messages on WhatsApp has made you doubt about maintaining the use of the application.

So it does not hurt that you know other messaging services that still do not notify the sender when their communications have been read.

Services such as KIK, Line, Facebook Messenger and ChatOn operate in a similar way to WhatsApp in that they keep a visual record when messages have been sent, but also when they have been read by recipients.

However, there are three options that do not integrate the reading function due to privacy issues, or that even give the user the possibility to define if they want the system to show when they read the messages.

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Messages for iOS

This is exclusive for iPhone users. The Apple service by factory configuration allows to know the moment of reading the messages and contents sent by the application.

But unlike WhatsApp, where there is no option to disable the feature, Apple does allow users to define whether or not they want the “read at X hour” caption to appear in their conversations.

To disable the option, just go to Settings, Messages and deactivate the option that says “Notify reading.”


The most popular instant messaging app in China understands that notification is sometimes a privacy issue.

With more than 438 million users, 70 of them outside of China, the company assures that there is no way to know if the message has already been read by the recipient.

I’m sorry, there’s no way to know that. We think that this is the user’s private information and we do not disclose it. However, you can see when someone is writing a response to you, ”the company reports on its website.

Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry


For some it is the perfect copy of WhatsApp. The difference is that WhatsApp is green and Telegram is blue.

The application has the same functions and structure, it even uses the same notification system: a popcorn is sent and two popcorn is received, although it does not specify whether the message has been read.

The application has the advantage of being open source, so it offers greater scalability of functions and promises to be much more secure than the rest of the messengers.

The only downside is that Telegram could soon incorporate a similar read notification scheme. So far it works like WhatsApp did a day ago, without notifications that the messages have been read.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone