Having a marketing strategy as a consultant or real estate agent is essential to improve the guarantees of success.

Landed to the field of the real estate sector, marketing would refer to the activities that a real estate agent carries out, to get and contact their potential clients.

3 infallible marketing strategies

The options in this area are multiple; however, there are some that are better suited to the work of real estate agents.

In this sense, Jorge Letayf, marketing director of RE / MAX Mexico, shares three marketing strategies that are infallible for the work of real estate consultants:

Lead Scoring

Through this action it is possible to know the tastes and preferences of your customers, and then be able to classify them by categories or segments. This ensures that the information you share with them is more specific and personalized.

Packaging Design

In an analogy, the image of a property works as « the packaging » of the product that the consultant wants to sell, so it is important to ensure that it looks its best to win over the client. Take care of the lighting, order and cleanliness of the rooms and describe the benefits of the location very well.

User experience

Every moment with your client will make a difference, it can be positive or negative. Every detail matters to generate a unique experience that improves the chances of closing a deal.