3 Important Updates You Need To Know About

Next month brings news for the headlines of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) of Anses . On the one hand, the amount of the assets will change, you will be able to access extra help, and on the other, an important benefit comes to an end.


AUH Anses: What are the three March updates?

1. Increase in assets

On the one hand, after the new formula of retirement mobility , Anses must inform in the next few days what will be the percentage of the increase in different benefits that the pension agency delivers.

The adjustment it will be quarterly that is, it will be updated in the months: March, June, September and December . Said increase will be the result of a formula in which 50% will be applied to Anses collection and 50% to the evolution of the salaries of stable workers.

According to estimates made by specialists who were consulted by BAE Business , the increase will have a floor of 8%, and will probably be between 9% and 9.5%.

In other words, the holders of AUH (general) could access in March $ 4,051.53 type.




2. Annual School Aid

In March, an amount awarded by Anses will also be given for aid for each school-age child. It is only charged by one parent once a year.

Anses defined the massive and automatic collection of the Annual School Aid in the month of March.

The presentation of School certificate is mandatory and must be performed before December 31st.

Those beneficiaries who receive an Allowance for sons and daughters between 4 and 17 years of age, or for a Child with a Disability without age limit, receive  of automatic way .

In case there are no charges in March, you can do it once present the School Certificate.


What is the amount of the school aid?

It ranges between $ 3,115 and $ 6,214, depending on the area where you live, and is intended to ensure student access to supplies, clothing and basic items to attend classes in schools.


3. 15% refund on credit card purchases

The 15% discount for AUH beneficiaries, when to make purchases with a debit card expires on March 31st.

This promotion, which was launched during 2020 at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), was extended in December for three more months and comes to an end.

Through social networks, Afip indicated:  » Reimbursement is available until March 31 15% on debit card purchases for retirees and pensioners who received the minimum and holders of AUH and AUE « .