Today’s cars are more complex than ever, and a hit like before to try to repair something probably won’t make the warning light go out, the fault go away, or the speedometer not blink.

But new tricks and tricks came with new cars, there are a multitude of problems that happen in modern automobiles that can probably be solved by doing three very simple things.

These are the three solutions that, although it seems unbelievable, can solve several of the problems in new cars.

Change your cabin air filter.

Changing a cabin air filter is a simple thing you can do yourself and can solve many problems.

The cabin air filters clean particles, insects and dirt from the outside air as the climate control system attracts your vehicle. Whenever the fan is running, that filter is slowly but surely clogging.

Forgetting to change the cabin air filter in a timely manner is one of the main causes of problems with your climate control system, including poor performance of the defroster, weak heat in winter, weak air conditioning in the summer and even excessive wear or failure of air conditioning parts.

Weak battery

If you suspected that the car might have some sort of power cord causing strange and random problems with the electronic components in your car, there is a good chance that you just need a new battery.

If you think your car is sleek and high-tech inside, you should see the complex array of electronic components, sensors, and computer modules under your skin. One battery should not be enough to power all electrical systems.

Software upgrade

Just like your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or video game console, cars sometimes need software updates to fix potential problems, make things work better, and prevent certain problems from arising.

Automobiles have a multitude of computer control centers responsible for operating a multitude of features, which means there is a wealth of software.


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