Make a BiscuitUnlike classical cuisine, it is an exact science. Recipes and ingredients should be correct, and smoothie and cook times, too.

That is why we often make mistakes and our Biscuit ends up totally ruined: not very tasty, brittle, with volcanoes in the center or sunken, parched, etc.

Check out this list of mistakes you may be making and how to fix them and prepare your Biscuit perfect.

Sponge cake with a large volcano or hump in the center

This is a typical mistake of people who are starting in the home baking. This is a big bulge in the center, which honestly doesn’t look very good!

This can be due to two factors: The dough has excess flour or the oven temperature was too high. To fix it, the next time you bake your Biscuit, Check the proportions of your recipe well, if you still have this kind of « hump », it is time to look for another one. Remember that many times the recipes that we see online or in a book, are not always correct.

As for the temperature of the oven, it must be exactly 180 degrees Celsius. If you are not sure about your oven, use an external thermometer. Do not make it stronger either because you forgot to preheat the oven, it is advisable that the cake has a constant temperature throughout its cooking. Turn on the oven when you start preparing the recipe!

The cake is sunk in the center!

If you Biscuit It has sunk in the center, it is likely that the temperature of the oven was very low, this prevents the crumb from forming and most likely when you cut it, this part of the cake is raw.

To do this, check that your oven has the correct temperature and do not open it or take it out prematurely. This is also another classic mistake, by doing so you don’t give yeast time to do its job with dire consequences.

It may also be that your dough has excess fat. When this happens it is heavier than normal and it does not grow as it should! Make sure that the quantities or measures you are using for your Biscuit be correct!

Grainy and dry sponge cake

It may be because the oven temperature is too low, when this occurs the Biscuit It takes much longer to bake, drying out the dough.

The dough has too much flour or is too beaten. When this happens, if you beat the dough a lot, the protein of the wheat, the gluten is activated resulting in a dough that has more proteins and therefore there is a Biscuit drier and heavier.

And if you have excess flour, it will happen that the dough will lack fat, resulting in a Biscuit dry and caked, which will not be very attractive.

To fix it, look carefully at the proportions, do not add more flour than normal and beat the flour just enough so that the lumps dissolve and integrate. If you want, you can even skip the mixer and add the flour to the mixture with a spatula.