‘3 Caminos’, the new Amazon series on the healing power of friendship

For those who have done it, the Camino de Santiago is an even mystical experience, which allows the pilgrim to rediscover himself.


Cecilia Suárez plays ‘Úrsula’. (Amazon Prime Video)

Cecilia Suárez, who plays ‘Úrsula’, and joins ‘3 Caminos’ from episode 5, had never done El Camino. The actress says that the experience of filming this series was healing: “Although the Camino is traced by so many pilgrims, it is in a sense a sacred route, believe it or not.

“I found the act of filming in those places completely healing, with this equipment and with the vision of Tito our director who knew when that project was falling into his hands and what he needed to do to tell it in a way that would be a healing vehicle for whoever watches the series, “Cecilia added.


Álex realized that on El Camino there is a spiritual footprint left by hundreds of people over centuries. (Amazon Prime Video)

Suáres explained that “we are all in the disposition to receive what our soul caresses us after the year we have gone through. And also The Way, in this particular series, is in a group, because you can walk it alone.

“And the fact that the series tells it as a group also tells us about the community we have to reach to overcome this moment and I think it is precious how we all mirror ourselves in this story and how that translates to what we are living today also and how we need the other to get ahead “, he concluded.

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