A badly used clutch could cause your car’s warranty with the automotive company to be canceled due to part failure

Often breakdowns occur in clutches or the ‘clutch‘ of the cars, and this represents an expense that generally is not usually cheap.

Since the clutch of a manual car is in constant, or practically in permanent frictionThis is subject to wear and tear, as it turns out to be a very sensitive component that can also degrade progressively, or even suddenly, if it is not used correctly.

According to the Diariomotor portal, it is possible to make the clutch of your car last many years and thousands of kilometers, even until the end of the life of your car, however, you must perform these three actions to avoid any damage to it .

1. Don’t put your foot on the clutch pedal

You will probably find it easier to keep your foot close to the clutch pedal, however, and even if it seems like overkill, it is very important to keep your foot away from the pedal when you are not making a gear change on the go. Any minimal pressure you put on the gear pedal when you are running can generate friction that in a few kilometers completely destroys the clutch of your car. Therefore, although it sounds ridiculous, each car has a footrest to keep your foot at rest while you are not using the clutch.

2. Depress the clutch pedal all the way

Although it sounds contradictory, not stepping on the clutch pedal can also be harmful to your car. When you’re making a gear change and don’t fully depress the clutch pedal, you’ll be subjecting the transmission assembly to friction that can make a clutch last much less than it should.

Make sure your seat is snug lengthwise so that you can fully depress the clutch pedal without being uncomfortable.

3. Don’t release the pedal too fast

For the same reason that not fully pressing the pedal to change gear is harmful to the clutch, releasing it too quickly, or doing it out of time with the right hand movement on the gear lever, generates unnecessary stress and friction on the clutch. For this reason, it is important to carry it out gently or at a moderate speed that allows the clutch to flow correctly and avoid wear.


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