Toshiba Memory (now Kioxia) has unveiled a round SSD the size of a vinyl, with a capacity from 50 TB. It is intended for data centers, but a domestic version should not be ruled out.

Where I said I say, I say Diego: Amazon acknowledges that it sent an email to its employees prohibiting the use of TikTok, but now it says that said shipment “was in error”. Someone explain it to us …

This weekend we have also published some reports and analyzes that may interest you. We have tested the peculiar Samsung The Serif 2020 television, the Sony WF1000XM3 and Technics AZ70 headphones, and the Oppo Find X2 Neo mobile. In addition we review the strangest products that technology companies came to sell, how to choose an air purifier, the history of Huawei, the greatest milestones of SpaceX, and much more.

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Technological news

These are all the Google Pixels that will be launched in 2020. Read the news

Apple does not advise you to cover the camera on your MacBook or you could break the screen. Read the news

Amazon clarifies that ‘it will not prohibit TikTok’ on the phones of its workers and that everything ‘was a mistake’. Read the news

Huawei: the history of the company founded by an engineer with $ 3,000 and 3 employees. Read the report


The Samsung Galaxy S21 will sacrifice technical features for a lower price, a leak says. Read the news

After a few days of testing, here is our verdict for the Oppo Find X2 Neo. Read the analysis and opinion

What are the most powerful Xiaomi phones? Check the list

Computers and tablets

A new wafer-shaped SSD stores data starting at 50TB. Read the news

Lenovo works on an Android tablet that can be turned into a monitor. Read the news


Fitbit Charge 4 receives smart alarm clock and dynamic GPS thanks to the latest update. Read the news

These noise-canceling headphones, Technics AZ70, have surprised us. Read our analysis and opinion

12 inventions of technology that had a different use than expected. Read the report

I want to buy an air purifier, which is the best? Read the news

If the noise canceling headphones don’t convince you, watch for the new Sony WF-XB700. Read the analysis and opinion

7 products that you would never have thought that technological giants someday came to sell. Read the report

Leisure and gaming

I want to buy an Amazon Fire TV, what is the best model? Read the report

Amazon already has for sale in Spain the Fire TV Stick compatible with 4K resolution. Debuts a new interface and allows you to view content in Ultra HD. In addition, the remote control with Alexa is included as standard.

The TV that is also a decoration object: we thoroughly tested the Samsung The Serif 2020. Read our analysis and opinion

Cinera Edge, a personal cinema with a 1,200-inch screen and 5K resolution. Read the news

The price and launch date of the PlayStation 5 will be revealed today, according to a well-known analyst. Read the news

This NES Super Mario Bros is the most expensive retro game ever. Read the news


With this rectangular electric motorcycle Max Biaggi wants to break the world record for speed. Read the news


How to see Comet NEOWISE with the naked eye, which will not return to Earth for 6,000 years. Read the news

That’s how hot the next 5 years will be. Read the news

The 7 biggest milestones that SpaceX has already achieved in the space race. Read the report

Astronomers locate the center of the Solar System with a margin of error of only 100 meters. Read the news

Robots to the rescue in the fight against the pandemic that devastated the entire planet. Read the report

Flying snakes exist, and scientists have discovered how they do it. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

The highest climbing wall in the world measures 80 meters and is in a power plant. Read the news

A Japanese baseball team has replaced the public with robots that dance and cheer. Read the news

This has been the tech news summary for the weekend. Have a good Monday!