29% of Republicans are convinced that Trump will be president again by the end of the year

Former President Trump continues with the theory that he will return to the White House this year.

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Conspiracy theories work, at least for some Republican voters, who believe the former president Donald trump He will return to the White House at the end of the year.

A third of Republican voters are convinced that the former president will return, following the rumor spread by the same former president among his close team.

29 percent of Republican voters said it is at least somewhat likely that Trump will be reinstated as president in 2021, including 17 percent who said it’s ‘very likely,’ ”notes a recent Morning Consult-Politico poll.

The poll also reflects that, among all voters, including Democrats, there is concern about democracy in the US, amid the theories that Trump won the election and on his way to the mid-term process of 2022.

The majority, 72% of voters, including 61% of Republicans, say that Trump is unlikely to return to the presidency.

“Trump has told some of his closest confidants that he believes he will be reinstated as president by the end of the year,” recalls the analysis.

77% of voters believe that America’s democracy is currently under threat, including 82% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats.

A week ago, after his former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn, will support a coup similar to the one that occurred in Myanmar, the former president would have spread the theory of his return.

“Trump has been telling several people he is in contact with that he expects to be reinstated in August,” he reported. Maggie Haberman, journalist for The New York Times.

Haberman shared a CNN video about an event of supporters of former President Trump in Dallas, Texas, where they considered that there should be a coup, because the election “was stolen.”

The theories continue despite the fact that there is no constitutional process to achieve such a goal, something even recognized by Republican advisers, such as Corey Lewandowsi, a former Trump collaborator.

Even the daughter-in-law of the ex-president, Lara TrumpShe said that she did not know that such a plan existed, but then she wanted to stop that perhaps “there was something” of which she was not aware.

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