277 infections in one day and 26 deaths

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Puebla / 02.17.2021 09:55:55

Puebla added 277 infections in one day and 26 deaths from covid-19 in the most recent 72 hours, reported José Antonio Martínez García, head of the state Ministry of Health (SSA).

At a press conference, the health specialist explained that the state accumulates 66 thousand 641 positive cases and 8,818 deaths, with a fatality rate of 13.23 percent.

He mentioned that 78 municipalities of Puebla concentrate one thousand 162 active cases, with 65 outpatients and one thousand 97 hospitalized, of which 137 are serious and require assistance from a mechanical ventilator.

He commented that the distribution of patients was as follows: 361 in the SSA hospital network, 38 seriously ill; 416 in the IMSS, 61 serious; 103 in the Issste, no grave; 96 in the Issstep, 12 bass; 13 in the University Hospital, 7 serious; 9 in the Regional Military Hospital, 4 serious; and 99 in private clinics, 15 serious.

Martínez García added that to date there have been 113,979 laboratory tests, with a general rate of positivity of 58.46 percent; Furthermore, approximately 47,338 people from Puebla have tested negative for the corresponding test.

He highlighted that more than one million 49 thousand poblanos were inoculated during the 2020-2021 influenza vaccination session.

For his part, David Méndez Márquez, secretary of Government (Segob), He mentioned that one more countryman lost his life in the United States due to the coronavirus, for a total of 563 poblanos who happened in cities abroad.

He added that an inmate from the San Miguel prison tested positive for the virus and was transferred to Specialized Internment Center for Adolescents (CIEPA), where another 32 inmates receive medical attention.