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It seems that the bargain of cheap Chinese online stores is over, or at least the bargain will be reduced by 21%, which is what it costs VAT that from now on is obligatorily applied to all the products they sell.

Good news for all those who cannot show all their talent in Tik Tok in some seconds: 3-minute videos are now available to everyone.

We already know the last member of the first space flight with passengers to be carried out by the Jeff Bezos company. Is about Wally Funk, an 82-year-old ex-aviator banned as an astronaut by NASA in the 1960s, despite passing the tests.

Technological news

From today it is more expensive to buy in stores like AliExpress and many bargains disappear. Read the news

Long TikTok videos are now available to everyone – they can now be up to 3 minutes long. Read the news

Google moves away from the APK format in the Play Store: decision that affects other systems such as Windows 11. Read the news

Tim Berners-Lee sells the original WWW code as an NFT for $ 5.4 million. Read the news

Mobile phones

An independent flying camera mobile, vivo’s surprising invention that could become a reality. Read the news

One of the few iPhone models that has failed is no longer produced. Read the news

These are the best Xiaomi phones you can buy in July 2021. Read the report

The problems in the production of processors would make the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE arrive with different chips depending on the market. Read the news

Computers and tablets

5 essential iPad accessories that will make your life easier. Read the report


Instagram would be working on exclusive stories protected against screenshots. Read the news

Instagram will face TikTok with full-screen videos and other drastic changes. Read the news

Equivalences of Mercadona perfumes and colognes. Check the list

The cheap and powerful floor fan that is taking Lidl by storm: this is the secret of its success. Read the news

Summer comes to Renfe with great discounts and the reopening that everyone expected. Read the news

Leisure and gaming

A series of Interview with the Vampire is in preparation. Read the news

Today the trilogy that hits the most for the summer arrives on Netflix. Read the news


Jug of cold water from the DGT to the autonomous vehicle in Spain. Read the news

How much money do you save if you use an electric car for 5 years, compared to a gasoline one. Read the news

The 50 DGT radars that put the most fines, do you know them? Read the news

These are the cheapest gas stations according to the OCU with which you can save up to 250 euros a year. Read the news

These are the best hours to go on a trip and avoid traffic jams, according to the DGT. Read the news


Jeff Bezos will take an 82-year-old aviator banned as an astronaut by NASA in the 1960s into space, despite passing tests. Read the news

A piece of melon a day provides all these benefits. Read the news

How to lose weight fast by following 3 easy steps backed by science. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Nulocore, the kitchen table that transforms into a foosball table and game table. Read the news

The ‘two euro coin COVID’ that is revolutionizing the networks. Read the news

A different Mercadona has been found in Córdoba, and it is succeeding on social networks. Read the news

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