260,000 Mazda3 under review… for stinginess!


ACD avatar ACD July 27, 2021

More than 260,000 first-generation Mazda3s have been recalled for cost savings on the steering wheel.

The first generation Mazda3, which was launched between 2003 and 2008, It did not stand out precisely for the good finishes of which the current generation (the fourth) enjoys.

Apparently the reason was cost savings which was imposed both in Mazda, as in Ford, at that time owner of the Japanese company. This has caused a series of subsequent problems like the one we told you about and that has caused the recall of more than 260,000 first-generation Mazda3s.

The steering wheel logo material, affected

Mazda3 first generationSix years ago, Mazda received a report of scattered fragments of the plastic emblem on the steering wheel of a Mazda3 after airbag activation. From 2015 to February 2016, the supplier and the automaker investigated the root cause. The culprit is the hydrolysis, which is nothing more than the decomposition of a compound due to a reaction with water.

A month later, Mazda discovered that the supplier had made a change to the logo material, going from polyurethane to polyester in June 2006. The hydrolysis does not affect polyester, but the switch to polyester was found to be a corrective measure for vehicles produced later.

Since June 2018, Mazda has received a dozen reports that warn of the same problem: Plastic pieces have injured several drivers and companions.

Passing the ITV from June will be more complicated. How does it change?

To avoid this flaw, Mazda held a quality audit meeting to review all the information available to date. Out of precaution and out of fear of lawsuits for damages caused by this defect, the Japanese manufacturer has finally decided recall 260,915 Mazda3 units sedan and hatch.

The affected vehicles were manufactured between June 24, 2003 and June 22, 2006, when the supplier switched from polyurethane to polyester and obviously all these cars need replacement airbag module covers.

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