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Microsoft continues to reveal new details of your new Android mobile with dual screen, Surface Duo. It will go on sale on September 10 and will cost $ 1,400.

A few years ago, every second more than 24,000 GB were uploaded to the Internet. And this amount continues to increase. We tell you some figures in one of the linked news.

And other evidence: TikTok violated Android rules and collected more information from users than was allowed.

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Technological news

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Mobile phones

Microsoft Surface Duo is official: it will start selling on September 10 for $ 1,400. Read the news

Where to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and save money. Read the news

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra saves 22% battery life with its automatic variable refresh rate. Read the news

The mysterious ZTE A20 5G would be the first mobile with an under-screen camera. Read the news

Google and Qualcomm among HMD Global investors that will present an affordable Nokia 5G mobile in 2020. Read the news

How do you know which applications on your mobile are spying on you? Read the news

Google Lens adds the feature that all students will want to use in their exams. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Emerging programming languages ​​you are interested in learning. Read the news


We thoroughly analyze the most desired sports bracelet, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Read our analysis and opinion

5 tricks to save 1,000 euros for an emergency fund. Read the news

With this viral trick you can better fit your mask in 60 seconds. Read the news

Leisure and gaming

I want to buy a Xiaomi TV, what should I take into account? Read the report

Netflix bets on Spanish fantasy with its new anime series. Read the news

This is Star, the new platform that Disney will launch in 2021. Read the news

Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the most extensive catalogs in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel.

The prince of Bel-Air is back, although not as much as you imagine. Read the news

These 5 games have made over $ 2 billion on Steam. Read the news


This is how it works and these are the prices of luxury car rental. Read the news


The Arecibo radio telescope, one of the largest in the world, badly damaged by a 30-meter break. Read the news

These smart bricks store energy in the walls. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

The universal disc cleaner that prevents your vinyl, CDs and DVDs from being lost forever. Read the news

They discover a trick to fool a facial recognition system like the one in airports. Read the news

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