26 perfumes Jennifer Lopez has launched in her career

26 perfumes Jennifer Lopez has launched in her career (AP)

26 perfumes Jennifer Lopez has launched in her career | AP

The actress Jennifer Lopez has conquered millions of people thanks to her music and filmsHowever, it seems that it has also done it with its fragrances, of which we present them to you.

For a woman it is important not only to look and feel good but it is also very important to smell delicious, vanity is above many things, that is why the singer Jennifer Lopez has released approximately 26 perfumesSurely you could know more than one, in case you don’t, we present you some names and releases over the years.

The beautiful Hollywood and social media celebrity is characterized by exquisite taste in any project she undertakes, so her fragrances are no exception.



The first perfume launched by Jennifer Lopez, which would be followed by different variations each with its respective characterization, in “Glow” by JLo white florals and citrus are predominant.



White, green and fresh florals are the main characteristics of this perfume.


Miami glow

“Miami Glow” was the third perfume launched by the singer seeing that her aromas began to have acceptance did not stop, this sweet, tropical aroma with a little coconut is the one that has fallen in love with millions.


Love at firts Glow

The singer decided to launch in 2005 a fragrance that would delight those who smelled it, floral aromas, powdery and a little citrus are what you will find in this perfume.



Third perfume released in 2005 “Live” by Jennifer Lopez has a predominantly sweet and slightly fruity scent.


Live Luxe

First fragrance launched in 2006, “Live Luxe” has conquered thanks to the fruity and highly floral scent in the background.


Glow after dark

2006 was the year “Glow after dark” was released, it contains a strong aroma despite being fruity and sweet.


Live Platinum

“Live Platinum” was launched in 2008, we find a sweet and citrus smell that sweetens and enchants at the same time.



This version that Jennifer Lopez presents has a cherry and citrus aroma with some floral touches.


Wish forever

Second version of his first perfume “Desire” and third from 2008 to be launched, it has a woody floral scent.


My glow

Again Jennifer Lopez leaned for a floral scent, this perfume was launched in 2009.


Sunkissed glow

This beautiful perfume for women launched in 2009 is dominated by white floral scents.


Love & Glamor

A worthy representative for Jennifer Lopez fruity, in addition to citrus and fresh is undoubtedly “Love & Glamor”.


LA Glow

This perfume was also launched in 2010, with a long bottle and in shades of pink and purple, a sweet and floral fruity aroma is what makes “LA Glow”.


Blue glow by J. Lo

Third and last perfume that Jennifer Lopez launched in 2012, the essence of its aroma is aquatic and woody.


Love and light

For 2011 this perfume was only launched, woody, fruity and sweet are the fragrances that highlight “Love and light”.


Eau the glow

This version of her perfume “Glow” has also been well received by some of her followers.



This predominantly woody fragrance was launched in 2012, this being the second and last of that year.


Forever Glowing

Opening 2013 with “Forever Glowing” a perfume with spicy and spicy notes very special for the dominant woman.



This name was also used for one of his studio albums, this perfume was released in 2013, it has a sweet and a little fruity aroma.


Glow River

Rio Glow was the next perfume to be launched in 2013 and that by the way was the last of that year.


Glowing Goddess

A perfume that perfectly matches Jennifer Lopez’s personality and combines glamor is definitely “Glowing Goddess”, launched in 2014.

2. 3

Wild glow

The predominant smell of this perfume is fruits, apparently JLo is fascinated by fresh scents, this was launched in 2014.



In 2015 it only launched this new fragrance with a fruity floral scent, it is part of the type of perfumes that ladies like the most.


Dark wood

It was in 2016 that Jennifer Lopez decided to launch this perfume entitled “Dark Wood”, surely more than one of her fans has conquered with its aroma.



This is the most recent perfume that the beautiful singer has launched, this had its launch last 2019.