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Welcome to the first thing in the morning news roundup. Important information summarized in the most select news of the last hours.

Telegram once again surpasses WhatsApp, by allowing card payment in chats, and also without charging commission.

Yesterday Amazon put on sale a new tablet, the Fire HD 10 (2021), with twice the RAM and thinner frames. Oppo also released the Oppo A95 5G. A premium mid-range with 5G for less than 300 euros.

Like every week, we have premiered new chapter of our ComputerHoy 2.0 podcast. We discuss the latest hardware we have tested: the new laptops from Acer and Huawei, and the new phones from Samsung’s Galaxy A range. Press the Play button just below to listen to it:

Technological news

Telegram leaves WhatsApp in evidence again and allows card payment in any chat and without commission. Read the news

FluBot, the new great threat to Android mobiles. Read the news

NASA develops an electronic nose that detects the coronavirus: goodbye PCRs? Read the news

Mobile phones

Good news if you have any of these Samsung phones. Read the news

Oppo A95 5G, this is the brand’s new premium mid-range: AMOLED screen, 48 Mpx camera and a price below 300 euros. Read the news

How to copy and paste several phrases on your Android mobile with Google and Microsoft keyboards. Read the tutorial

These are the five best cheap Samsung phones you can buy in 2021. Check the list

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 could implement a 200 megapixel sensor. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Amazon puts on sale its new tablet Fire HD 10 (2021), with double the RAM and thinner frames. Read the news

Apple M2 is already in the making, in time for the new MacBook Pros? Read the news

These are the best iPad Bluetooth keyboards you can buy. Read the report


You can now unlock the iPhone with a mask thanks to the Apple Watch. Read the news

Samsung launches an all-in-one portable air conditioner without installation that is placed in the window. Read the news

The university degrees and VET courses with the most job opportunities in 2021. Read the news

7 online courses that will help you write better. Read the news

Zoom releases one of its most immersive features to all users. Read the news

Secret tricks to clean the shower without effort or chemicals. Read the news

Leisure and gaming

The DOTA anime will have a second season on Netflix. Read the news

Sony works on an AI that wants to imitate how you play. Read the news


This will be the punishment of the DGT if you cheat on the driving test. Read the news

The guide with the new speed limits of the DGT that you must read before May 11 to avoid fines. Read the news


This robot farmer cuts weeds with lasers and yields as many as 20 workers. Read the news

Russia wants to build its own space station by 2025. Read the news

Don’t even think about throwing the skin off these fruits and vegetables – they have incredible health benefits. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Deepspot, the deepest pool in the world. Read the news

This has been the tech news summary of the day. Have a nice day!