24 projects of non-profit Basque patient entities are opting for 50 contributions of 5,000 euros that Cinfa Laboratories will deliver on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, within the framework of the “With you, 50 and more” initiative. Voting, in which 610 projects from all over Spain participate, has started at the beginning of this month of June, and will last until September 30 (inclusive).

Cinfa’s objective is to support projects that improve the quality of life of patients and their families, both physically, mentally and emotionally. “The nominations, which we have received from corners of all Spain, show, once again, the important work of patient entities, and how these people work day by day, altruistically, to improve the lives of patients living situations very harsh ”, says Enrique Ordieres, president of Cinfa. “Many of the projects focus on improving patients’ self-esteem and autonomy; others, in caring for the caregiver. But all of them are carried out from the heart. We are really moved by his work and his dedication ”.

Open and transparent voting

The different projects can be known in detail and voted on the official website with you 50ymas.cinfa.com. People who wish can access and cast their vote – a single vote per person – and the supports received will be automatically counted in a ranking ranking of initiatives. In this way, the position of each application can be viewed at all times.

“We are very aware that we are all or will be patient someday. And being able to enjoy a fuller life, despite the difficulties of living with an illness, is an objective for which we work at Cinfa ”, says Enrique Ordieres.

The 24 Basque projects correspond to the following entities:

ADEMGI – Gipuzkoa Multiple Sclerosis Association. “Comprehensive rehabilitation service for people affected by MS and other neurological diseases”.
AEFAT – Spanish Association of Families with People Affected in Ataxia Telangiectasia. To the water together! Weekend in an accommodation with a swimming pool for learning exercises with a physical therapist ”.
AGAER – Guipuzcoana Association of Affected by Rheumatic Diseases. “Hydrotherapy for the well-being of those affected”.
YAJ EUSKADI – Association of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis of the Basque Country. “The difference is up to you. ‘Dynamics in the classroom to equals’ through audiovisual and didactic materials ”.
ALCER Bizkaia – Association Fight Against Kidney Diseases. Scars. Social, psychological and nutritional support for kidney patients and their environment ”.
APDEMA – Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities of Álava. “With you, getting older is easier. Day care service for the elderly with intellectual disabilities ”.
APNABI Bizkaia Autism. “Social skills learning program”.
Support Dravet (AD). “EpiEduca. Social intervention project through technology to transform the educational care of those affected by epilepsy ”.
ARGIA – Association of Ostomized Persons of Bizkaia. “Social integration through leisure. Playful departure during a weekend to a spa in Cestona ”.
ASAFES – Alavesa Association of Relatives and People with Mental Illness. “Minors and mental health. Spaces for specialized training on mental health, mutual aid and relief and comprehensive social support ”.
ASBIEPOC – Association for the Support of Sick People with COPD in Bizkaia. “COPD, the look of family and companions. Workshops to support and help those who care for and sustain COPD patients. ”
ASCUDEAN – Association of Caregiving Families and Dependent People. “Helping to take care of families. Family reunions, respite activities and training ”.
ASEBI – Bizkaia Elkartea Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. “Music to empower. African percussion workshops ”.
ASHEGUI – Guipuzcoana Hemophilia Association. “Psychological and pedagogical social service. Bio-psychosocial, comprehensive individual and group, social, psychological and pedagogical care ”.
ASPANAFOA – Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of Álava. “Psychosocial intervention with the families of children with cancer”.
ASPARBI – Parkinson Bizkaia Association. “Specific global intervention program. Physiotherapy, speech therapy and cognitive stimulation ”.
Celiac Association of Euskadi. “Comprehensive care module for the celiac person. Personalized service to newly diagnosed celiac people ”.
Heart Without Borders Association. Phase III rehabilitation. Socio-health care program ”.
Down Araba-Isabel Orbe Association. “I take care of myself and you? Quality of life and Down syndrome. Family counseling and guidance, health promotion and healthy aging promotion ”.
Association La Cuadri del Hospi. ”Respite room in the hospital for children undergoing cancer treatment. Creation of a txoko / living room ”.
ATCORE – Association of Heart and Lung Patients and Transplants of the Basque Country. Take care of your heart and lung to live. Talks, meetings, workshops and campaigns to promote healthy cardiovascular habits ”.
AVIFES – Biscayan Association of Relatives and People with Mental Illness. “Woman and mental illness: in the first person. Group and individual spaces to support empowerment ”.
GAUTENA – Guipuzcoana Autism Association. “Games room for children with autism”.
Pausoz Pauso – Volunteer Network to Support Oncohematological Patients. “Space for exchanging experiences between patients and the people with whom they share their lives.”

“Farmacias con Alma”

Many Spanish pharmacies have joined the “Contigo, 50 y más” initiative, as ambassadors of it. In this way, with the “Farmacias con Alma” label, they have made this Cinfa project known to patient entities and citizens. In this new phase, they will also be in charge of encouraging their patients to vote for the project that most moves them between now and September 30.

50 years: from dream to reality

Cinfa, the laboratory most present in the homes of our country, celebrates 50 years of experience. 100% national capital, and located in Navarra, it is part of a group consisting of 2,000 professionals, with six production plants in national territory. Its objective is to make quality and accessible health treatments and solutions available to citizens, through the advice of health professionals and with a focus focused not only on the disease, but also on the prevention and improvement of the quality of lifetime.