23 Things About Jennifer Lopez You May Not Know About


The actress has two twins (AP)

The actress has two twins | AP

Jennifer Lopez is 51 years old

Jennifer Lopez is 51 years old

It is also known as JLo (AP)

It is also known as JLo | AP

In addition to being a singer, she is also an actress and businesswoman (AP)

Besides being a singer, she is also an actress and businesswoman | AP

The singer and also actress as well as a businesswoman Jennifer Lopez is considered one of the most influential women in the world, her popularity has spread around the world so we are sure that you will be interested in knowing 23 curiosities about her that you may not have known.

The race of Jennifer Lopez She has been one of the most acclaimed over the years, although so has her private life as everyone wants to know a little about the beautiful star from the United States.

It was through a video on YouTube that this data was shared on the Showbiz channel on February 3, 2020, this is entitled “23 curiosities about Jennifer Lopez you didn’t know. “


Here we share as a list some details about the personal and professional life of the beautiful singer Jennifer Lopez.


Personal information

Her full name is Jennifer Lynn Lopez Rodríguez, she was born on July 24, 1969 in the Bronx, New York, United States, her height is 1.64 cm.


Is latin

Jennifer Lopez’s parents are originally from the island of Puerto Rico and for this she feels extremely proud.


I leave the school

Deciding to drop out of college to pursue her dream and become a star, she moved to Manhattan to study singing, dancing, and acting.


Before being a star

Long before she became a star, she had a job as a dancer for the New Kids on the block group, Janet Jackson and also for the Living in color program.


First million dollars

It was thanks to Selena Quintanilla that she won her first million dollars for a movie where Jennifer Lopez brought it to life by becoming the first Latina to earn that amount in a Hollywood film.


Super bowl

It was in 2019 that her first participation in a Super Bowl was announced alongside Shakira, another important and influential Latina.


The most beautiful woman

There have been two occasions in which she has been named the most beautiful woman in the world in two important magazines, one of them was People magazine.



Thanks to her arduous training, she manages to maintain her beautiful figure, she is very rigorous in terms of her workouts, which includes pole dance.


Major phobia

Jennifer Lopez is terrified of mice, does not tolerate them, she considers them really disgusting animals.



Jennifer Lopez’s talent is not limited to singing and acting, she is also a great producer, she participated in “World of dance” as a judge and also as a producer.


Guinness record

The beautiful singer holds a Guinness record for the first woman to have a movie and an album in the number one spot at the same time during the same week.


American Idol

She became a judge on the American Idol program during the tenth season replacing Ellen DeGeneres, the producer himself spoke to her to participate.



She considers herself a dancer first before anything else and she is also a professional doing it.


Imitated Shakira

Jennifer Lopez imitated Shakira in one of her Instagram videos for which she received strong criticism from Internet users.


His greatest pride

For the “Play” interpreter, her greatest pride is her marked abs and not her later charms as many would think.



Jennifer Lopez has been highly criticized for lip-syncing in her live performances, as she does it constantly.


Surprise wedding

When she married Marc Anthony it was something of a surprise, as none of her guests knew that she would be attending a wedding.



Despite having had several love partners, he never loses hope of finding love, which apparently has already found it with Alex Rodríguez.


Insured figure

It is said that if Jennifer Lopez decided to secure the most striking part of her figure, her later charms, they would be worth $ 5 million.


Movies VS albums

Throughout his career he has made more album movies, has a total of 28 films and only 10 albums.


Your life in danger

Jennifer Lopez almost lost her life when she found herself in the middle of a shootout while with one of her partners.


Pole dance

He requested the support of singer and rapper Cardi B to teach him this art for his role in the film Hustles where they shared credits.

2. 3

Inspiration for Google

Thanks to her renowned emerald green dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2001 Grammys, she inspired the company to create “Google Images” by searches for the garment.