23% of overcrowded Puebla families receive housing support

He 23.12 percent of Puebla families with some overcrowded condition in your home has received support from the state government to improve their living conditions, said Jose Antonio Lopez Ruiz, undersecretary of Housing of the State Welfare Secretariat.

In interview for MILLENNIUM Puebla, the official commented that the state program with resources from the federal government ‘Build housing. Make future ‘ has impacted a total of 185 thousand families in 90 municipalities through 21 thousand 615 sharesEither from those who benefited from the construction of their house or received a solar heater, ecological stoves, rainwater collectors, unconventional electrification, a wall or roof.

However, he acknowledged that throughout the state, according to the latest court National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policyl (Coneval) as of 2020, more than 800 thousand families live in overcrowded conditions in Puebla.

López Ruiz explained that the Undersecretary of Housing intends to deliver a thousand homes from June or July and until December 2021, while in March they will deliver the last of the 870 houses that began to be delivered in municipalities such as Puebla capital, San Andrés Cholula, San Pedro Cholula, Tehuacán, Teziutlán, Tlacotepec de Benito Juárez and Eloxochitlán since November 9, 2020. In total, there are 1,870 houses that will benefit approximately 7,480 people.

The program will be detained for three months due to electoral ban « because we have to be very punctual with what the law establishes », but in that period they will carry out a targeting exercise to serve other municipalities and receive more requests to do the corresponding planning.

To be a beneficiary of a house, he stated that the interested party must have a piece of land they own and integrate a file with official identification, CURP, domiciliary proof and proof of ownership or neighborhood, « once we receive the applications we send the verification and supervision brigades to assess whether the beneficiary receives the support or not. »

The intention is to support people with limited resources, who are below the well-being line and present shortcomings in quality-space of the house and in basic services of the house; In addition, Governor Miguel Barbosa ordered « to reach the most sensitive and historically forgotten population, » so single mothers, the elderly, the sick or people with disabilities are prioritized.

« Today we meet families who live in rooms, in wooden houses, with cardboard, plastic sheets, that’s where we are going. »

The undersecretary stated that the cost-benefit of each house is around 234 thousand pesos, with an area of ​​42 to 50 square meters, with a single model that can have two different orientations depending on the type of terrain, but in both cases the use of ceramic brick is guaranteed and the basic services such as water, electricity and drainage are integrated, since it is required by the State Development Plan, the National Housing Plan and the 2030 Agenda.

« We are doing the houses in record time and a house is not built until we have all the materials, which has allowed us practical logistics, there was planning, integration and now the results are being seen. »

Antonio López assured that the budget for the operation of ‘Make housing, Make the future’ It is guaranteed for 2021 and he considered it difficult for the federal government to cut resources to the program because it is aimed at a sensitive issue such as the fight against poverty.

« There is no budget cut that we can have, we already have 2021 insured, we do not know what will happen because the resource is federal, I very much doubt that we will have a cut because it is a very sensitive issue and it is a containment measure of poverty that affects families who have less, we are anticipating any type of contingency, that is the planning that the governor asks of us. « 

The official exemplified the above with the experience left by the first beneficiary of the program, Mrs. Maria Teresa Moctezuma, as he is an elderly person who lives with his daughter and grandchildren.

« They lived in a rented room and she went with Governor Miguel Barbosa during one of the ‘Citizen Tuesdays’, she asks for support for construction materials and the governor responds: ‘I’m going to give you a house’, that’s the reality That is the management that the beneficiary has directly and that is the target population. «