23 losses and only one shot on goal

Leo Messi continues without starting this season with Barça. It was a great date and the Argentine was expected with all the stripes at the Metropolitano. The forward culé, however, stayed in the cave where he hides every time more frequently during matches and was barely visible due to a clash in which a lot of the League was at stake.

“I’m a little tired of being the problem of everything at the club,” Messi said upon arrival in Barcelona after playing for the national team and it seems that those bad feelings were felt on the pitch. Leo barely came into contact with the ball before the suffocating pressure of Atlético’s defenders and when they got lost once he made an innocent shot that Oblak blocked.

Alba found her partner so many times, but He controlled very heeled and his attempt was stopped by the Slovenian goalkeeper in which it was the great intervention of Leo in the first half in minute 40. The game and the gesture would be twisted as the minutes passed with Carrasco’s goal on the brink of rest after a grotesque between Piqué and Ter Stegen.

If in the first half he was absent, in the second it was a shadow. No one detected a Leo who was crestfallen and absent during these sets. The Argentine was unable to overflow, to make a difference, even to appear in a game in which everyone was waiting for him. He signed some terrible numbers highlighting 23 turnovers in 72 interventions. He also tried eight dribbles successfully achieving four of them.

In the 80th minute it was the only moment where Messi had the option to change his bad taste in his mouth. Jiménez made him a dubious foul and Munuera allowed him a free-kick of the kind he didn’t miss a year ago. Leo launched his attempt out and with it the options of a Barça that leaves very worrying sensations. His star plays with his head down.