On a day like today 22 years ago, we lived what is for many the best Hell In A Cell in the history of WWE, and in case you do not know, we talked about Undertaker vs Mankind, this was the third Hell Cell in history, Which had everything at that time and undoubtedly marked a before and after in the stipulation.

Años22 years after the best Hell a Cell in history🚨The Undertaker made Mick Foley a legend in a brutal fight.✅Mick…

Posted by Lucha Noticias on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hell In A Cell: Undertaker vs Mankind

That night many interesting things were experienced, and for this reason we will bring a compilation of some quite interesting points about the fight, so without further ado we leave you with them.

Mick Foley fell from the top of the Hell Cell to the commentary table, injuring his ribs. Legitimately, Undertaker and Vince McMahon thought the fight was over. Mick Foley returned and went up to the cell to receive a Chokeslam that broke the roof of the cage. That moment was not planned and the Undertaker thought that a tragedy had occurred and that Mick Foley was dead. Falling from the cell to the ring, Mick Foley suffered a “Blackout” and to this day he remembers the following moments. Still in critical condition, he demanded that officers continue to have broken ribs from the first fall. He was not smiling. In the mythical photo in which Foley appears with a smile, he was actually locating a hole that had been made under his lower lip, which caused a chilling smile and that the commentators sold as “Mick Foley loves pain”. the fall was not enough, the chair with which he was knocked down hit his face directly, causing him to lose dental pieces that can be seen in the ring and one of them stuck to his nose. The impact of the chair was enormous as it came in a free fall, accelerated by gravity. Mick Foley asked Undertaker at one point if they had used the tacks, because he was very disoriented. The funny thing is that his face, his arms, his body and his pants were full of them at the moment of asking the question. Vince McMahon was totally scared and about to stop the fight: “I appreciate everything you have done for this business, but I never want to see something like that again. ”When the fight ended, Mick Foley called his wife and is crying, it was one of the reasons why he decided to reduce his activity and“ retire ”in the following years. Mick Foley confessed that he believes in his own mortality and that both Mankind and Cactus Jack or Dude Love are only characters.

You may pass the time, but this was the best Hell in a Cell in history and can hardly be beat. Mick Foley and Undertaker gave us an unmatched show of love for the business. The fight was so violent that today it is censored and definitely in WWE you will not see something like that again.

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