21 Small Indoor Houseplants 2021— Small Plants That Won’t Take Up Space

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If you live in a teeny apartment, you’ve (probably) avoided collecting any plants. I mean, that random corner is much better reserved for an IKEA metal bar cart that doubles as a hall closet, right?

But, my sweet greenery-naive child, I’m here to tell you that small plants ~ * ~ exist * ~ * ~. And it’s high time you take advantage of them.

That’s right! Not only are there small plants abound, but there are literally so many to choose from — not just the five succulents you’ve seen on your boss’s desk! (Although there are definitely succulents on this list because they’re so dang lovable.) Stuffing your apartment with lotsa leafy plants has always been your birthright as a millennial, but now you have even more reason to spend a stupid amount of money on nature’s bounty. As Oprah definitely once said: You get a small plant, and you get a small plant, and you get a small plant!

To start you off on your new plant parent journey, I’ve gathered a list of small houseplants that are relatively easy to care for in tight spots and don’t require six feet of space on all sides to thrive. Plop ’em on your shelf, nightstand, kitchen counter, toilet, anywhere!

They’re cute and you’re cute, so it’s time to pair up.

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this sturdy one

Rubber Plant Horti

$ 30.00

Need something that tolerates dry apartment heat but is tough enough to last if you don’t water it constantly? Yeah, that means you should get a rubber plant.


this’ grammable one

Monstera Adansonii The Sill

$ 40.00

You must post a photo of this greenery on your feed. I don’t make the rules. Also, the sunlight is going to look bomb peeping through those leaves.


this active one

Calathea Peacock Bloomscape

$ 65.00

The leaves of the peacock plant move up and down throughout the day, so it’ll give you something else to stare at during the commercial breaks of your Real Housewives marathon.


this simple one

Philodendron Hybrid Horti

$ 16.00

Not only are the leaves stunning here, but the philodendron hybrid is super easy to care for. Just avoid direct sunlight and make sure the soil doesn’t get overly soggy.


this moody one

Pilea Creeping Charlie Hey Botany

$ 8.00

Just stick Charlie in a bright spot with indirect light and this Tim Burton-looking plant instantly livens up any room.


this crafty one

Peperomia Green Horti

$ 14.00

If you want to buy a lot of plants but can only afford to spend money on one, make it a peperomia. They’re versatile and super easy to propagate — aka snipping off part of the plant to then re-pot and turn into TWO plants. Like magic!


this beginner-friendly one

Golden Pothos Grounded Plants

$ 20.00

Pothos will grow pretty fast under nearly any conditions — it just doesn’t like intense direct sunlight. Put this guy on a bookshelf and its long vines will make your space look extra lush without spending extra cash.


this chill one

Haworthia Horti

$ 14.00

If you’re in the mood to up your succulent game, Haworthia plants are pet-friendly and thrive in bright, direct sunlight. Look how fun and unique they are!


this smol one

Mini Watermelon Peperomia Soil and Clay

$ 25.00

This plant is great for small spaces, as the leaves grow at a verrry slow rate and can tolerate any lighting condition. Plus, what’s cuter than something this tiny with the name “watermelon” in it? Nothing!


this immortal one

ZZ Plant Costa Farms

$ 71.99

Fine, the Zs in this plant’s name technically stand for “Zamioculcas zamiifolia,” but I like to think they’re here to remind you that you could literally take care of this plant in your sleep.


this funky one

Air Plant Shop Succulents

$ 14.99

TBQH, the name “air plant” is mildly misleading — these little guys require more than air to survive, but they are pretty simple to look after. All they need is a good watering every one to two weeks and they’ll be happy as clams. Cute too.


this lucky one

Chinese Money Plant Urban Stems

$ 90.00

Some believe this plant will bring you financial success. And it couldn’t hurt to try, amirite? At the very least, it’s a conversation starter and fits nicely on your dresser.


this adorable as f * ck one

Hoya Heart Plant The Sill

$ 21.00

Hoya kerrii — or as they’re affectionately known, hoya heart plants — love bright, direct light and they only need to be watered every three to four weeks. Easy-peasy!


this easygoing one

Aloe Vera Plant Costa Farms

$ 20.99

All your aloe needs is a solidly sunny spot and a lowkey watering schedule. Plus, if you’re feeling really crafty, you can cut off the leaves and use them to make your own sunburn treatments. We stand a plant that can do both.


this floral one

Anthurium Costa Farms

$ 29.99

Although the anthurium plant can grow to be about a foot tall, it can still easily fit on the edge of any desk or bookshelf, and it’s so dang pretty that it’s kind of like having fresh flowers in your apartment at all times.


this adaptable one

Chinese Evergreen Just Air Plant

$ 57.99

Do you have one or two windows that face an alleyway? Welp, this guy can tolerate any type of indoor condition, including low light, bright spots, and even fluorescent lighting.


this bright one

Moon Cactus Fat Plants San Diego

$ 15.95

A little cactus is pretty much the go-to, easy-to-care-for apartment plant. Just plop it in bright light and the pop of color will liven up any rental-white walls.


this calming one

Peace Lily Pretty In Green Plants

$ 24.00

The peace lily will add an element of zen to your space, even when it’s surrounded by a week’s worth of laundry.


this hearty one

Jade Plant Grounded Plants

$ 15.00

Jade plants can live for a suuuper-long time — I’m talking more than a decade. They love bright, direct light, and they only need to be watered every three to four weeks.


this cleansing one

Snake Plant Costa Farms

$ 37.99

Fun fact: Snake plants may remove certain toxins in the air, improving the overall surrounding air quality. This means your apartment is about to become a hell of a lot fresher.


this bold one

Red Prayer Plant JM BAMBOO

$ 28.99

These plants thrive in any type of light but do require a lil more watering than most. BTW, the holy name is thanks to the fact that the leaves tend to fold in at night, resembling 🙏.

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