2022 Genesis GV70e hunted in winter testing, Korean rival to BMW iX3

Those of Genesis continue with the development of their new batch of electric models with which they plan to attack Europe in style. The new Genesis GV70e is one of them, the one in these spy photos that is being developed on the icy slopes of northern Sweden. It will arrive in 2022, with a lot of power.

The Genesis GV70e 2022 It is one of the weapons of sustainable mobility with which the South Korean luxury brand aims to storm the D-segment market in Europe. A variant of the new luxury SUV, which was presented with mechanical combustion variants last year, albeit with specific details.

If just a few weeks ago I posed in a spy photos In the vicinity of Hyundai’s technical center in Germany, it didn’t take long to travel until winter testing. The second of the new electric models of the luxury brand performs a series of tests on the tracks where the frozen lakes in the Arctic Circle have been converted, some tests where they demonstrate their dynamic limits on Genesis technical ice.

Spy photos Genesis GV70e 2022 - exteriorThe front of the Genesis GV70e 2022 will be distinguished from the GV70 by a closed grill

Spy photos of the Genesis GV70e 2022, which continues to hide the production design

The most efficient of the GV70 it hardly shows any novelties on an aesthetic level. The canvas covers the entire body, on a dense layer of vinyl, and only very simple details are appreciated. A vinyl sheet that hides the design of the grill cover, and the square cutout on the left side where the charging port is housed of the battery, the same location of all the electric models developed on the adapted platforms of Hyundai.

Virtually the only cooling is attached to the lower part of the front bumper, while part of the lights are visible at the rear. And it is that the general design of the GV70 is maintained in its entirety, except for small details that will distinguish some mechanics from others. Inside there will be no special distinctions either, maintaining the luxurious design of the splash pad and only having menus adapted to the management of electrical energy.

The Genesis GV70e will hit the market in 2022, the on-board propulsion system being unknown, although it must have options with a single electric motor and rear propulsion and two electric motors and all-wheel drive. Mandatory options to compete with guarantees to the BMW iX3. Under the cabin, and between the axles, it will have a battery that will provide a high autonomy of approximately 500 kilometers.

Spy photos Genesis GV70e 2022 - exteriorThe canvas covers and the nine prevent seeing news in the rear of the Genesis GV70e 2022